Mastering the Art of Connections: Strategies, Tips, and the Unveiled Secrets

The New York Times has introduced what must be the coolest daily puzzle to hit the digital sphere. It’s called ‘Connections’ and it involves finding common words that are linked in some circuitous way. Daily crosswords and Sudoku fiends are buzzing about it, but, more importantly, so are novices and neophyte gamers. Connections requires you to decipher clues and deduce word associations that might at first appear random. It’s a game of strategy (try playing by writing down your guesses as you go) and a mental workout (it fires up your brain map in ways that excite your heretofore dormant neurons).

Discover the World of Connections: Your Guide to Getting Started

The Fundamentals of Gameplay

What’s more, on the surface, Connections is delightfully straightforward and yet brutally difficult. When the player starts the game, he or she is greeted with a grid of 16 words. The objective is to sort these words into four separate sets that link together in some way: either the titles of major video-game franchises, variations of the colour spectrum, or worldwide chain restaurants, for example.

Navigating the Puzzle: Tips and Strategies

Yet the task is not to simply seek out these commonalities but to address the possibility of more than one new interpretation for every word. And, for me, this is precisely why Connections is such a rewarding experience: it is this ambiguity that makes each successful play feel truly merited.

Leveling the Playing Field: Understanding Group Dynamics

To give you a leg up in this cerebral battle, the game provides a colour-coding system, ranking groups from the most obvious (yellow) to the most obscure (purple). Although subtle, this nudge acts as a beacon in your brain, helping to point your strategy.

How to Play Connections: A Step-by-Step Breakdown

Survey the grid: The 16 words above may remind you of any number of things. Your first impressions might be your most valuable one.

2. Shuffle and Shift: Take advantage of the shuffle that allows rearranging the grid. New arrangements might bring out previously hidden patterns.

3. Some Smart Guess: After you’ve spotted the related set of four words, just submit your guess. A correct guess will grey them out from the board, but more importantly, it will disclose the common theme that binds them together.

4. Mistakes are Learning Opportunities: If you make four mistakes in a given game, it’s game over, but the errors themselves become teaching moments and provide ample opportunity for adjustment.

Deciphering Today's Connections: Hints and Solutions

While the path from one day’s 15 words to the next is littered with marvelous new words and wonderful new connections, there still are days when the trail just seems too long, the undergrowth too thick. On those days, we’re here to help with hints – and, if you need them, today’s solutions – to keep your streak alive.

Embrace the Clues: Today's Themes Unveiled

If you find yourself stuck, our hints section will nudge you in the right direction for the day’s themes, which could be anything from musicians to inventors to decorative styles.

The Final Reveal: Today's Connections Answers

And for all the things that even the best of plans can’t help you with, we have today. But like any competitive challenge, please consider this your last resort.


From the first time it ran, Connections not only went on to become one of the most beloved daily puzzles, but it carved out its own territory: a twisty challenge with a fresh feel, far from its competitors. Connections has a long way to go to become the worldwide sensation that Wordle was for several months, but it’s already proving a daily treasure for the thousands of people who appreciate the challenge.

The Phenomenon of Connections: Its Place in Puzzle History

At a time when diversions from the digital vortex come in a thousand time-wasting varieties, Connections offers something that is increasingly hard to come by: the chance to stop, and think, and to immerse oneself in a puzzle that is stimulating enough to be satisfying, as well as supremely pleasurable. It is never just a daily distraction, but a way of life; a daily commitment to the love of learning, to the sheer delight of a good word and a well-spent moment in the company of others trying, and solving, together.


In the end, the transition of Connections from a novel gimmick to a treasured institution in the Times’s puzzle repertoire is part of a larger societal shift toward celebrating mental dexterity and the quiet thrill of solving. With its uncommon mix of challenge and accessibility, Connections welcomes young and old, aficionado and newcomer alike to exercise their minds in new ways, and to discover surprising linkages between unlikely things as they smile at the fearsome world and revel in the glory of connection ‘Shared universally by those who love and those who solve’ as the clue writer had it. Collectively, we are tapping our way through today’s puzzle, and in the process we are encouraged to see ourselves through the same communal lens: as a community of thinkers and solvers say the words ‘Today’s puzzle’.

Jun 13, 2024
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