The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Android Battery Life with Custom Charging Alerts

If you are anything like me, your smartphone never leaves your side. It can be dead or turned off for only a few minutes before you feel lost and unfocused. Your Android keeps you connected, informed, engaged and entertained. So what happens when your Android needs you most, but its battery is completely depleted? Fortunately, there are some helpful charging alerts that you can configure to lengthen the usable life of your battery and keep your phone busy with your busy life.

The Science Behind the 80-20 Charging Rule

Your Android device’s lithium-ion batteries perform best when they’re between 80 and 20 per cent charged, and that means degradation spikes if they are charged either lower or higher. If you do this enough times, you can cut your battery’s life to as short as two years instead of as long as five.

Tap into Battery Longevity with Third-party Apps

With default settings on Android phones not allowing you to set up notifications for optimised charging, third-party apps are like power to the people. Get apps like Battery Guru or Battery Charge Notifier to help you do the right thing. The apps are straight-forward to set up, letting you receive notifications for charging up to 80 per cent, or for the battery dropping to 20-per cent charge – the magic numbers that help your battery live longer, without you having to worry about it.

How to Easily Create Custom Charging Alerts

Setting them up is equally easy. Using an app such as Battery Guru, you arrive at the home screen by tapping three times, at which point you can specify your low and critical levels, and then turn on the notifications (whether single warnings or running notifications). For a lighter touch, Battery Charge Notifier provides unadorned, continual repetitive notifications.

Diving Deeper: Manual Setup with MacroDroid

The manual way, with the MacroDroid app, allows for total control if you have the patience for it: you can configure charging-up notifications as finely as your heart desires, making the most of the app’s rich automation capabilities.

Never Miss a Charge: Advanced Manual Setup

One of the things that makes MacroDroid so cool is that, once you set up the ‘battery level taps stop’ macro, the app is flexible enough to make you macros that perform more complex actions – essentially, anything you want – on your device. Now that you’ve set up your custom alerts, what else can MacroDroid do to make your life easier?

Tap into a Healthier Battery Life

These strategies won’t just ease the battery anxiety that many of us feel today; they will instill healthier charging habits that keep your smartphone looking young and virile for longer. So how, exactly, don’t you have to do just that — with your Android, with just a few taps.

Understanding "TAP"

In this article, the verb ‘tap’ is used in the sense of ‘lightly touch’. It refers to the action of pressing or touching a button or option on your smartphone’s sensitive screen – and it’s the most basic gesture you make when navigating through menus, apps, settings and notifications on a touch-sensitive device. Every time ‘tap’ appears below, it will guide you through a step on the way to setting up custom charging alerts, so that simple gestures can lead to big changes in how well you can manage your Android battery life.

With the techniques and tools I’ve described, you can make your Android phone’s battery last longer so it’s never in the way, but always ready to push back the darkness. Better battery health – today – means more digital life tomorrow.

Jun 06, 2024
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