Get # Gaming on the EDGE: Score a Free High-Speed Monitor with Your Silent Power Supply

Finding value in gaming hardware is often a tall order, as products in this category can often be steeply priced. Cooler Master’s recent announcement, however, provides an irresistible bundle at a near-unbeatable value proposition: the X Silent Edge Platinum 850, a top-of-the-line power supply capable of providing you with ample power to run even the most overclocking hungry enthusiast rigs, and a 27-inch 240 Hz curved gaming monitor, all for a limited time of $399. Few setups provide gamer’s dreams like this one by combining the performance benefits of a top-shelf power supply and the visual advantage of a high refresh rate curved display.

The HEART of the System: X Silent EDGE Platinum 850

At the heart of this bundle is the powerful X Silent Edge Platinum 850 PSU – a fanless PSU that is incredibly silent and efficient. With a focus on hardcore gaming, the fanless design means you can game to your heart’s content but without any distraction of annoying fan noise. While the platinum rating of the unit means that you can be sure it will last a long time, it also ensures that you are getting the best of both worlds with regards to power efficiency, ensuring your PC gaming setup is running at peak performance and more energy efficient.

Effortlessly Cool: The Silent Operation EDGE

What sets the X Silent Edge Platinum 850 apart from the rest of the crowded field is the fact that it runs silently. Thanks to the absence of a conventional cooling fan, you can enjoy your games in true concentration and avoid the intrusive noise that scatters your focus. Engineers are the unsung heroes who devote their lives to bringing you such a silent machine so that you don’t have to worry about your hardware. You can focus your mind on what really matters: the gaming.

Peak Performance: Advantages of High Efficiency

So efficiency isn’t just green buzzword in the X Silent Edge Platinum 850: the high efficiency of the PC’s power supply means that it converts almost all of the energy it draws in into usable power for your PC, which results in less heat and reduced electricity costs. You can play your game system while saving money on your utility bills – and your hardware.

Visionary Gaming: The 27-inch Curved Monitor

In a bundle with the X Silent Edge Platinum 850, this gaming PC gets paired with a 27-inch curved monitor system: a form factor so immersive, it’ll make it feel like you’re actually inside the gaming worlds you love. Thanks to a 240 Hz refresh rate, expect the visuals to be as smooth as possible, so you can gain a competitive advantage in games that demand near-instant reflexes.

Immersion on Another Level

(By looking like a massive curved screen, you feel more immersed into the game.) The edge wraps the environment of the game around your eyes, making them perceive that you are inside the game. Cheaper, plastic, and lower-end monitors come with only 60 hertz refresh rate. However, with 120 hertz, this gives us the edge we need to stay ahead of our opponents. This is no ordinary thing. It’s crucial to our game.

A Visual EDGE: High Refresh Rates Explained

In a competitive gaming scenario, the 240 Hz refresh rate is paramount; not much else matters if these games are fast-paced and your screen can keep up. On a monitor that allows you to take in every frame with zero blurring, you’ll be as snappy as the person you’re competing against.

A Bundle of Joy: Unboxing the Value

Cooler Media is proud to announce this limited time offer: Get a $399 high-end, fanless PSU PLUS a $399 4K monitor, all for the same price. If you’re building a new PC, this is a prefect time to jump in, and if you already have a system, this won’t break your bank while giving you a competitive edge.

Timing is Everything: Grab the EDGE While You Can

As all good things must come to an end, this mind-boggling deal won’t last forever. Gamers who want to upgrade their setup with a quiet, efficient power supply and a high-refresh-rate monitor need to act fast. Not only does this bundle meet the technological requirements of today’s gaming systems, it represents the kind of value that one usually expects only from last-gen consoles.

Empowering Your Gaming Experience

But the X Silent Edge Platinum 850 and compatible 27-inch curved monitor combo gives you the power and performance to turn your gaming system into, well, a real gaming powerhouse, no matter the virtual threat you face; and with it comes energy efficiency, silent operation and an unmatched gaming experience thanks to the extra immersion offered by its visually stunning display.

On the EDGE of Gaming Excellence

Cooler Master comes with a power supply and a monitor, but more than just those. It’s about getting something better than your competition. The Cooler Master bundle represents power, quality and value all in one – making it an investment in getting better at gaming.

Demystifying the EDGE: What Sets the X Silent Edge Platinum 850 Apart

It is the X Silent Edge Platinum 850, and it is the singular, shining example of how precise engineering and panthera-olfactoria expertise converged so that you could, finally, rule. In a build designed to crown the dominance of the pinnacle of PSU engineering – this wondrous creation of fanless efficiency. So platinum efficiency is a given. Its 850w output, which in simpler terms means it’s a decent spec for a bunch of hungry gaming hardware. The main thing is, it’s silent. Every gamer could use a dose of silent. Silent is the advantage you need when the competition’s on your heels. In other words, a gamer’s best guarantee of outperforming, outlasting and outshining the competition. Say yes to the gamer bundle bundle! Your purchase is guaranteed worry-free. It includes the Edge Platinum 850 PSU and a pre-selected best-in-class beast of a gaming monitor. Together, these masterpieces of human industriousness and digital alchemy are the advantage you seek – the extra oomph to overwhelm your opposition, the power of the gamer pack to aid you in your quest. Never has playing games been so serious!

Jun 16, 2024
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