A Handy Guide to Enjoying Threads on Your iPad: Discover the Ultimate Workaround

As we live in an increasingly digitised world, it is shocking when a hugely recognisable app forgets to make their product work on such a beloved device as the iPad. When Instagram, a company that lives and breathes social media and tech, forgets to optimise its latest product, Threads, for Apple’s tablet, users are left wondering how they can bring the convenience and ease of use of Threads into their homes. That’s where the workaround comes in. And so, here we dive into how you can use your iPad to view Threads.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Threads on Your iPad

Step-by-Step: Your Gateway to an Enhanced Threads Experience at HOME

With no Threads app for iPad on the App Store, the experience of viewing a progressive web app such as Threads is nearly native. You can add the Threads website to your home screen. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to Threads: Open Safari on your iPad and visit the Threads.net website.
  2. Safari’s Share: Go to the toolbar in Safari and find the Share icon. Tap it.
  3. Create a Home Screen Widget: Scroll down, and you’ll see ‘Add to Home Screen’. Tap that to create a Threads widget.
  4. Pin Threads to Your Home Screen: Ta-da! You now have the app’s icon on your home screen, your gateway to its capabilities.

After adding Threads to your home screen, tapping it will open a new app-like experience with the Safari interface stripped away. It’s the little adjustments like this that makes for a much better experience, and one that would be familiar to a user expecting a native app.

Navigating the Quirks: A Smooth Sailing Home Experience

Unfortunately, this hack doesn’t have any negative side-effects, and it makes for much better use of your iPad on Threads. There are some occasional gotchas; traditional scrolling techniques don’t always work, particularly when you’re using a trackpad on the Magic Keyboard, say, and you’re trying to scroll through multiple columns of Threads. In that situation, you might need to fall back to touch input. But once you learned these tricks, it made for more enjoyable use of Threads at home.

Why Opt for This Workaround?

The lack of a native Threads app for the iPad was conspicuous, yet this workaround not only filled the gap, it also demonstrated the portability, versatility and utility of web apps as we seek to better organise our digital household. Anyone keen on Threads will do themselves a service by following these easy steps to optimise their iPad browsing experience, so instead of being shut out, they can be immersed in the content, exactly as they would be with the native app.

The Future of Threads on iPad: A Glimpse Ahead

Apart from the web app version, which is good enough as a temporary measure, many of us would still like to see the dedicated version for the iPad that I’d been hoping for all along. In fact, native apps are often the upgrade we long for the most for any kind of service, because they are so much better in terms of performance, usability and integration. At home, we are increasingly living a digital life, and it is becoming increasingly important to have a seamless experience across devices.

Embrace the Workaround and Enhance Your HOME Digital Space

Until Instagram and Threads decide to make this work with the iPad, that’s the workaround. Now, let’s take a step back and appreciate how, as an iPad user, you’ve come up with a clever fix to a problem that you probably didn’t know you had. Now, your use of Threads will be more efficient and more pleasant – at your kitchen table. Thanks to developers and users like you, there are always interesting and surprising ways to have a better user experience.

Understanding the Role of HOME in Our Digital Experiences

But as technology has advanced, the idea of what constitutes home has broadened to include the digital domain as well. Home is no longer just a geographic location. It also takes the form of our favourite apps, digital platforms and devices. As we work to optimise our digital experiences at home – through hacks for playing Threads on an iPad, making it easier to open our favourite apps, or finding novel ways to incorporate our technology into our lives – we are seeking to enhance digital wellbeing through domesticity. Technical innovations and user experimentation alike help to advance this line of development.

Jun 02, 2024
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