Elevate Your Browsing Experience: How Arc's Site Control Center Can BOOST Your Web Surfing

Sometimes, the abyss of the internet and its myriad of websites is a daunting task to round up – with every site having some sort of setting or user need, operating them can get unwieldy. Luckily, if you’re a MacOS user, Arc is there to help. This smart web browser has introduced a feature that makes adjusting settings across websites clearer – called the Site Control Center. This is why every MacOS user is falling in love with Arc and why your browsing could be about to take a quantum leap, too.

Discover the Power of Personalization with Arc's Site Control Center

Arc, which is now the browser of choice for many MacOS users, for instance, has a clean, intuitive graphical user interface, and even cutting-edge features such as Spaces for tab management. But it’s the Site Control Center that’s the jewel in its crown. Here, you can identify and control what a given site can or can’t do to you.

Boost Your Control: Mastering Site-Specific Settings

Fine-tuning a great service can make it even better. Should you wish to clear cache, cookies or manage your extensions on a per-site basis, the Site Control Center in Arc has got you covered. It goes even further with a number of advanced customizations such as picture-in-picture mode. So, let’s take a closer look at how to access these features to improve your browsing experience.

Accessing Arc's Site Control Center

You can wander out onto the wild, idiosyncratic frontier of curated browsing with Arc – but only if you’re running the most recent version. It works a little differently on MacOS than it does on Windows, but MacOS users get a head start on a couple of features. On MacOS, a Site Control Center is directly accessible from the centre of the browser.

Step-by-Step Guide to Elevating Your Browsing

  1. Opening Arc: Launch Arc and open the site you want in a new tab.
  2. Manipulate the Site Control Center: To the left of the URL bar, the Site Control Center icon grants you access to a variety of customization settings.

Unpacking the Site Control Center

The Site Control Center is packed with widgets to help you get the most out of your site. Share posts with ease, add new BOOSTS for fresh designs, and take captures with virtually no learning curve. Extension management is made easy, too.

Tailor-Made BOOSTS for Every Site

BOOSTS are visual rules that you create and apply within Arc to change and streamline how websites appear (and feel) when you’re viewing them. Make it so that sidebars on a site display automatically when you’re interacting with them, or permanently remove ads from a blog you really like, or set the width of photos on Instagram to match your phone’s screen. Set the BOOST once, and voila, it updates every time you view the site, always looking as you last defined it.

Boost Convenience with Advanced Settings

Going beyond the visual, Site Control Center allows us to change behaviour, too: you can enable picture-in-picture and turn on developer mode by the simple click of a button. Security settings are only a click away, too – so certified image and paranoid privacy buffs alike can rest easy.

Why Arc's Site Control Center Is a Game Changer

Arc’s Site Control Centre doesn’t just speed up your browsing – it changes it. It allows you to calibrate your online world to precisely the degree you feel is necessary, letting form intersect with function. Deleting individual site cookies or finding the exact right BOOST puts your browsing experience back in your own hands.

Embrace the Boost: Understanding Arc's Innovation

In Arc’s vocabulary, a ‘Boost’ is a customization that’s more than a mere configuration tweak. It’s a way of adding ‘more of the good stuff’ in how a website looks and behaves, and subtracting ‘more of the stupid garbage’, to paraphrase the novelist William Gibson, that doesn’t really need to be there. BOOSTS are a user-friendly way of making web pages cleaner, leaner, faster.

In sum, Arc’s Site Control Center can be seen as foundational tool rather than a niche feature. It empowers users to interact with the web on their own terms, raising the bar and creating opportunities for significant improvements in efficiency, aesthetics, and overall pleasure. Use Arc because you want to browse the web better. Don’t settle for less. Try Arc’s Site Control Center today, and find out how it can improve your browsing experience. This feature is part of a sponsored partnership with Arc for 99designs.

Jun 12, 2024
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