Unraveling the Mystery: Is the MSI Claw the Underdog of Gaming PCs?

We are living through a golden age of gaming technology and finding the best handheld gaming PC can be a bit of a Holy Grail quest. Upon its release a couple of years ago, the MSI Claw ruffled feathers and attracted more than its fair share of negative attention, but does it deserve the hate, or is there more to the MSI Claw than meets the eye? Let’s unpack the MSI Claw and focus on its performance and updates, as well as other devices it’s up against.

The Controversial Launch of the MSI Claw

The MSI Claw immediately proved to be a divisive product, greeted with vitriolic reviews and polarising opinions. Some put it down as a case of ‘an insult to the industry’, while others were even more forthright in their condemnation, calling it ‘an embarrassment’. There were issues with both the way it performed and the level of value on offer. Then, just when things seemed bleakest, something happened: new drivers and BIOS updates arrived.

Unpacking the Updates: A Second Look at the MSI Claw

New graphics drivers and BIOS updates ran me through the MSI Claw a second time. In some tests, performance improved, suggesting some room for growth. But in others, the updates seemed to have backfired. Has the MSI Claw done enough to earn my forgiveness?

Benchmarks Revisited: Analyzing the MSI Claw's Performance

In an attempt to give an overall picture, we went back to the benchmarks and compared the MSI Claw’s main, standard power modes across a variety of tests with what its competition is bringing to the table. The MSI Claw falls behind in almost every test, and is slower, not to mention less efficient, than its counterparts. So what’s our conclusion?

Comparing Apples to Apples: The MSI Claw vs. The Competition

Gaming is a competitive space, and the MSI Claw is competing against some impressive machines. As a piece of hardware, the Claw is not fast and it is not powerful, but those are problems that could be solved with some updates.

Navigating the Gaming PC Maze: Is the MSI Claw Right for You?

Whether or not you’re keen to pick up the MSI Claw for yourself will depend on your own gaming setups and needs. But if you’re an aspiring eSports ace, and you want peak performance and speed at all costs, you’re better off looking elsewhere. For anyone who’s interested in the story of the MSI Claw, and in buying the keyboard in the hope that it might be improved in its next update, keep your eyes peeled.

The Verdict: To Buy or Not to Buy the MSI Claw?

The short answer: even after a solid round of updates, benchmarks, comparisons and attention to rectifying its original shortcomings, the MSI Claw is still, to this day, a mixed bag. Some will welcome the efforts, but others still may not feel that it’s worth it. Still miles away from the top of the heap when it comes to performance, is it possibly worth it to have patience for more updates and firmware tweaks, or has the time come to look elsewhere for your next handheld gaming device?

Uncovering MSI: Beyond the Claw

Before wrapping up, I want to a point a light on MSI as well. MSI is well known for their attention to quality and innovation in gaming and computing products, and they are quick to provide upgrades to their goods in order to optimise performance and usability. The story of the MSI Claw is a testament to MSI’s drive to improve, as it shows that while a product may fail once it is released into the world, it is always possible for there to be redemption through careful updates and consistent revisions.

Whether it’s reborn as a phoenix or just another mouse, the story of the MSI Claw is a gripping tale of ambition, controversy and perfectionism in the world of technology and gaming.

Jun 09, 2024
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