Title: Sonos Unplugged: Navigating the Highs and Lows of Innovation and Community Expectation

Today, with elite design and superior sound to its name, few companies could claim a reputation for acoustic excellence and technological vanguardism quite like Sonos. We can all throw around the brand name now. Yesterday’s nerds use Sonos today. How long ago it was, then, when nerd-dom was never much of a domain for aesthetics. The new sonic minds of the digital age couldn’t have chosen a better company or technology to get behind than Sonos. Sleek, perfectly proportioned, carefully designed, impeccably engineered, and distinct in appearance from anything else in your home entertainment system, Sonos’s design has stood up to the company’s promise. Few electronic devices in people’s everyday lives are as cohesively designed and consistently satisfying to use as a Sonos sound system. To understand the company, we have to understand its history. It helps to think of Chronos’s barge with Old Man Time rowing. But sometimes things get in his way. An event in February of this year confirmed that Sonos is committed to a forward trajectory of innovation. That event also tested the patience of some of its hard-earned, loyal user base.

The Harmony of Innovation: Sonos's Melodic Journey

Sonos has been not only the manufacturer of choice for forward-thinking sound, but also an inspirational one, thanks in part to its award-winning design and how it has stepped through the decades as a giant in audio. Its smaller speakers, made for portability and able to sync across several rooms to create a seamless audio experience, can be controlled by users’ smart phones, while its language-based smart technology allows for the control of music through users’ voices. For years, Sonos has appeared to be one step ahead of the rest in audiophile technology.

A Sour Note: The Recent Discord Among the Sonos Community

Still, even the most pleasing tunes can elicit their share of double flats: Sonos’s most recent app redesign seemed to strike a sour note with its community of longtime users. Sonos had updated the look of its app to bring the user experience into the 21st century. However, to do this, the company had to exclude a few features that were previously staples of the user experience, such as searching for local music and sleep timers; customers blared those complaints for the entire world to hear. ‘Why would Sonos ever update the app to something that appears to be less functional than what it had before?’ they wrote on the Sonos forums and on other social media. The gulf between company innovation and customer expectation was notable: based on what people were saying, they didn’t care for Sonos’s recent changes.

Listening Sessions: Sonos's Response to Community Feedback

To calm the waters, Sonos scheduled an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on its forums, attempting to score points with the community. Never let anyone accuse you of not listening to your customers! This was an attempt to prove that the feedback had not gone unheard, and to pacify a disgruntled community with assurances and rectifications. It didn’t work. Because despite the company’s prompt response, the tone of the feedback remained very negative, and, for many of its customers, Sonos seemed to be heading in the wrong direction.

The Complexity Behind the Composition: Challenges of Innovating in Tech

The Sonos case is emblematic of a wider tech trend about modern innovation: how can you advance your product without upsetting your userbase? When you invest in chips and software to build something that does a new thing, you’re balancing not only an engineering task, but also a human management task. Even if you can make your product do a new thing, you have to figure out how to keep your user base on the same page. Is Sonos a tale of features and expediency triumphing over customisation and user choice?

Innovating While Listening: A Path Forward for Sonos

Now, though, Sonos teeters at a turning point: its community on edge, its leader in the pivotal position of being a company with a reputation that once built on its early successes, now is dependent on charting a daring path forward – one where an unrelenting ear and customer-driven innovation must also meet and converge to go beyond technical fixes towards musical function.

Unveiling the Essence of Sonos

Ultimately, it’s the eschewing of the knowledge economy ethos in its pure form that has made Sonos more than just a tech company, more than just a good into good differentiation, and a key differentiator for the company that brings musical excellence and ease of use to a new kind of audience. It’s an altogether better seat at the table. Sonos offers a huge array of products, from small, unobtrusive wireless speakers to larger, impressive soundbars for TVs; from easy-to-install home theatre setups to office installations and automobile connectivity.

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The Crescendo: A Future Symphony

Sonos, then, is just one in a long line of solutions, one of many figures spinning hopelessly, and frantically, around a digital epicyclical earth. You can’t give users what they want – but they want a say in the process regardless. Both the good times and bad times we’ve found on- and off-line over these past couple of years are just opening narratives, attempts to organise our shared spaces, to create communities. They can be dissonant, and sometimes pretty discordant. It is reassuring that Sonos seems committed to some kind of harmony. But, really, the story is far from over: the coin toss of innovation will never, ever stop spinning. This is an updated version of an essay that first appeared in the magazine in 2017.

May 14, 2024
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