Get # NINTENDO's New Horizon: How Switch Online Could Define the Future of Gaming

As the world finds itself increasingly dependent on internet connectivity and evolving digital ecosystems, NINTENDO seems to be setting itself up for its next evolutionary step. When the company began hiring hundreds of people for roles at Nintendo Doubutsu no Mori, a company associated with NINTENDO Switch Online, back in 2020, it set a domino effect of speculation seemingly unraveling into the future of Sony and Microsoft’s respective generation and perhaps, finally, NINTENDO’s. What does this mean for gamers and for the industry at large? How is NINTENDO’s path towards its future based on the things it is actively doing today?

NINTENDO's Bold Move: Gearing Up for the Next Chapter

NINTENDO is recruiting. Big time. At the request of its longtime president Shuntar... the adventure is only just beginning.

Jun 13, 2024
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