Revolutionizing Gaming: NVIDIA DLSS Accelerates to New Heights with F1 24 & Beyond

Bolstered by an uncanny artistry that reshapes computer-generated landscapes, gameplay and race cars into breathtaking, hyper-realistic spectacles, NVIDIA, the undisputed leader in gaming technology, revels in a world without boundaries. Over 500 games and applications now support RTX technologies, and Dynamic Light Super Sampling (DLSS) remains the standard bearer for its GeForce RTX players. With every week delivering an entirely new PC gaming benchmark, and every title redefining the gaming experience, the excitement is palpable. EA SPORTS F1 24 is the latest entry into the fray.

F1 24 Races Ahead with NVIDIA DLSS and Ray-Traced Effects

Unleashing the Champion Within

If you play EA SPORTS F1 24, you’re basically racing in the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship. You can take the role of one of the 20 official drivers in the real championship. But the marketing people at EA SPORTS pride themselves on ‘the most radical leap in gaming fidelity ever’. You’ve just got to look at their words: Largely overhauled F1 Career mode (due to receive its first major overhaul since 2016) launches players into the most immersive F1 racing game ever created thanks to the game’s completely rebuilt Dynamic Handling System.

A Symphony of Technologies

At the core of the action in F1 24, NVIDIA DLSS technology pushes frame rates to the max. Every F1 24 GeForce RTX owner will get the full-throttle experience that DLSS technology provides. For users with high-end systems, DLAA at the Ultra-Quality setting will take image quality to the limit for the ultimate in-game experience.

NVIDIA Reflex enhances the experience by reducing system latency, giving multiplayer races the competitive edge and making single-player engagement truly responsive. And with GeForce RTX’s ray tracing cores, the realism of F1 24 is unparalleled. Ray-Traced Reflections, Shadows and Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination not only raise the bar for realism, but also bring users closer to the world and make them feel more grounded in the experience.

Performance Meets Beauty

This isn’t DLSS just looking good. This is a fast-paced racing game that ranks extremely high on the FPS meter. When enabled on a GeForce RTX 40 Series desktop graphics card, DLSS 3 doubles frame rates at 4K resolution with maxed-out graphics settings. You can enjoy F1 24 at a blistering pace that goes beyond eyecandy framerates with FPS at 200 and more.

Beyond the Racetrack: DLSS Elevates Other Titles

Capes: Heroes Reborn

Developments at NVIDIA didn’t end on the racetrack either. In Capes, an action-packed superhero epic forged on the battle lines of good and evil, DLSS 2 turbocharges the game so that strategising and action set pieces alike are that much more exhilarating. With DLAA, GeForce RTX gamers can be at the vanguard of the revolution, bringing revolutionary visual fidelity to every desired game.

Deceive Inc.: Espionage Evolved

Dequite Inc.: DLSS 2 unlocks your fullespionage potential in this high-octane puzzle platformer. In Dequite Inc., the third season gives fans all-new objectives, tasks and cosmetics to enjoy hassle-free, so you can complete every challenge at the highest possible framerates.

The Future of Gaming with NVIDIA DLSS

What makes NVIDIA DLSS so promising is that it’s a model for how the future of gaming is played, and placemaking, at its best, takes us to the places that players will actually land. As games and hardware evolve, the promise of increased frame rates, higher fidelity and lower latency for players, developers and enthusiasts will be even more a reality than it is now. Every new game and patch will continue to reset expectations of how players and developers want to represent the world. Ultimately, the future that DLSS helps us see is the future that becomes reality.


At its heart is an AI rendering masterpiece that improves performance with dedicated Tensor Core AI processors on the GeForce RTX GPUs. This revolutionary NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology is powered by AI to enhance texture quality and resolution, enhance every scene, and harness your GPU’s awesome power – all while keeping frame rates smooth. DLSS – it sets the bar, and points the way into the future of gaming. It’s an awesome time to be a GeForce RTX gamer.

May 30, 2024
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