Unleashing Convenience: The ONEPLUS Co-Designed Power Bank Revolution

Where technology becomes a second skin and every second counts, staying powered is not just a luxury, it's a necessity. And in a new era of power, ONEPLUS is leading the change by designing a device that goes far beyond utility, something that is compact, creative and surprisingly functional – now embodied in a product called the “Pouch,” produced in association with “Sharge". This is not just another ordinary power bank, it's a product that fuses style with efficiency.

The Genesis of a Powerhouse: Introducing The Pouch

This 3-in-1 wonder of the power-bank universe is ONEPLUS and Sharge’s combined creative vision, and stands as a milestone in the evolution of portable charging. The Pouch is white and red, the distinctive colour scheme of ONEPLUS products.

A Trio of Convenience: Built-in Charger and Cable

What makes The Pouch special, beyond its looks, is the fact that all its parts have functions. The power bank, the removable wall charger and the red cable are all contained within the one compact device, with the ability to charge up to three devices at a time (the wall charger and two other devices through the power bank). The cordless connections here are magnetic, too.

Supercharging Your Devices: Fast Charging Capabilities

The Pouch isn’t just about giving you power; it’s about giving it to you fast. It can allow for 40W of USB PD fast charging. And if you’re brandishing something lucky like a ONEPLUS smartphone, which has SUPERVOOC compatibility, you can charge at up to 55W. That’s a whole lot of zeroes to hero in, well, you do the maths.

Available Now: Grab The Pouch at a Special Discount

The Pouch went on sale this week, directly through Sharge’s website. And a launch special is on offer: The Pouch ships now through June 9 at a nice 20 per cent off the MSRP! Order a Pouch today and get 20% off your order. Hurry – only 1,000 Pouches are available at this special introductory rate. That makes the Pouch the ultimate value in chargers at $99.99.

The ONEPLUS Legacy: Continuously Innovating

Since its inception, ONEPLUS has been at the cutting edge of tech. The Pouch is just the latest in the company’s groundbreaking efforts to push the capabilities of devices forward, following on from the ONEPLUS Open, the next iteration of the titular app, also expected to debut this summer. The updated ONEPLUS Open sequel is rumoured to sport a smaller and less noticeable display crease than its predecessor, while Android 15, which debuted in beta earlier this year, is rolling out to ONEPLUS devices.

Preparing for the Future: A Commitment to Excellence

And, as well as bringing in innovative new products, the brand’s strategy for improving the software experience is on the horizon. ‘The future goals,’ said Jae Park, head of product marketing for ONEPLUS, is that they will ‘continue the present trajectory by adding more bloatware apps to make the ONEPLUS ecosystem more attractive to users and enriching the everyday life of its followers.’

Conclusion: The ONEPLUS Pouch—A Symbol of Innovation and Convenience

As ONEPLUS and Sharge come together on The Pouch, their collaboration reflects how technology can be leveraged to make life easier and more convenient. It is not only a testament to the visionary nature of ONEPLUS, but also a demonstration of the brand’s commitment in providing practical and user-friendly solutions to consumers.

Discovering ONEPLUS: More Than Just Smartphones

While ONEPLUS has made waves within the smartphone segment, partnerships like The Pouch reveal the brand’s wider ambitions. ONEPLUS doesn’t just make devices; it creates an entire suite of experiences that enables you to unlock greater connectivity, productivity and lifestyle. It strives to constantly raise the bar by never settling for anything less than the best, and by always reaching further for the future. ONEPLUS makes every day further.

Affirming that ONEPLUS will continue to lead the way, he expects that the Pouch will ‘pave the path’ to future tech. The Pouch is just the beginning – a clear demonstration of the promise that occurs when creativity meets purpose.

When the world speeds up, ONEPLUS gives you the power to stay a step ahead.

May 30, 2024
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