Unveiling the Game-Changer: How OPPO's Magic Could Have Altered Football History

Football is a global language. Dispute its greatness – strategy over skill; fever over style. But you can’t dispute that it’s a drama. Real Madrid’s 15th European crown, won by the smallest margin against Borussia Dortmund at Wembley, added another chapter to the narrative. But there was an ‘if’ in this story: it was a hybrid digitised ‘if’. The outcome of the final of the Champions League of European football was brought to us by OPPO, the fastest-growing provider of smart devices in the world. We are talking about football, but it is as much about how the human imagination, enriched by specific technological innovation, can conjure alternatives out of thin air, which don’t seem so outlandish after all.

OPPO Find X7 Ultra: A Technological Marvel

Around it orbits the OPPO Find X7 Ultra, a device whose very specifications have set new records for smartphones. With two separate periscope lenses featuring first a Sony IMX980 sensor, and then an IMX858 (who keeps count of these lenses, actually?) behind it, the Find X7 Ultra delivers an unprecedented 3x and 6x optical zoom, respectively. It is, then, not the hardware inside the camera that is pushing this ship into new waters, but the AI eraser tool embedded inside, ready to remake your reality with a swipe or three.

The AI Eraser Magic

The version of the future I found on my OPPO Find X7 Ultra, called the AI Eraser, is not overtly complex: you simply circle the areas or subjects that you want removed from the image, and the phone takes that information and within moments produces for you a modified version of what reality used to look like. A similar feature has been produced before by Google, and before Samsung, but OPPO’s version felt crisper and more inventive.

OPPO's Role in a Hypothetical Football Victory

Imagine that Dortmund, the underdogs in this scenario, were to take on Real Madrid as if they were a competitor on the pitch, but actually via the OPPO Find X7 Ultra handset. With the AI Eraser, the app players could theoretically eliminate Real Madrid players from the picture. Perhaps Dortmund could then be seen to indulge in a crucial win, a photograph not from the real world itself, and yet, a photograph of a world possible, in another world, created by OPPO’s app.

Ethical Considerations in the Age of Generative AI

When geeky tech pundits wax lyrical about features such as the AI Eraser, they do so knowing that the technology might impress your friends but also strays uneasily into the realms of ethics. Layered on top of a reality captured through lenses comes a thick layer of backstory, all of which creates an intricate, mixed-up reality. OPPO, Samsung and Google are treading a line with tools that create content but also raise questions about what that content can be regarded as. It’s easy to see how generative AI, including faked photos or enhanced videos, could be misused in less innocent scenarios than football histories. The challenge for these technologies will be to ensure that they’re used ethically, a task that will surely require vigilance in the years to come.

The Future of Photography with OPPO

At this technological intersection, the OPPO Find X7 Ultra is not just another high-spec smartphone; it is a glimpse of what might be if the digital and corporeal worlds are no longer separate. Advancing the frontiers of what is achievable is one of the core drives of OPPO’s research and design. Creativity has no boundaries.

Discovering OPPO: A Beacon of Innovation

In the tech world, OPPO’s ascent has offered a captivating insight into the company’s singular focus on innovation, its mastery of aesthetics and ergonomics. Ever the trailblazing global technology brand, OPPO has continuously broken ranks and reset baselines. A global giant always on the move, refusing to be tied down by convention. The OPPO Find X7 Ultra is a vessel for OPPO’s vision: to redefine life with technological artistry. Each new iteration showcases not just a gadget, but a portal to new worlds of imagination.

After all, despite aspiring to be a ‘game of two halves’, football has always been – and remains – a game that’s all about the body: the interactions between different human bodies on a pitch, and the story of how they move in order to win. But the narrative OPPO constructed around the Champions League final gives us a powerful window into how technology increasingly shapes the way we tell that story. OPPO wants us to imagine a future in which the tools of technology shape human creativity, and the apps we use in our phones might cause us to dream ‘what if’ between the real world and the fantastic. What if we can get rid of litter so easily? What if a photo takes you on a journey? What if we could pin an object to some undefined space and explore how it moves? What if the entire world could be integrated? With the added help of AI Eraser, what if I wasn’t the last person to hold the matches?

Jun 06, 2024
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