Unveiling the Future of Gaming: Parallel's Digital Card Game Revolution on Epic Games Store

In a world where it seems like there is always some new innovation in digital, Parallel Studios is a beacon of innovation and cutting edge game development. Today marks the release of Parallel, the digital trading card game that has long been teased by the innovators at Parallel Studios and is finally available to everyone on the Epic Games Store. Let’s talk a little bit about Parallel – what makes it special, what makes it great, and what the future of the Parallel sci-fi universe entails.

The Genesis of a Sci-Fi Gaming Marvel

What gives Parallel a heart is a team of creators from Blizzard, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Riot Games and Xbox Game Studios, among other studios. Billed as a ‘groundbreaking new collectible card game’, Parallel is a product of its pedigree; it is looking to redefine what digital card games (TCGs) can be.

A New Dawn in Digital Card Gaming

Parallel is setting itself apart in the rapidly growing world of digital card games (TCGs) by being free to play, with deep strategic play and an expansive sci-fi story. Your job in the game is to assemble a collection of cards, build a powerful deck, and battle your way to dominion of a future Earth. You’ll select a Commander – a role and an AI character with skills and personality. Then you’ll choose five sets of cards to go with them, combining cards from five factions and a universal set into a 40-card deck that represents your strategic prowess.

The Pillars of Parallel: Factions and Paragons

In Parallel, what sets the game apart are its five distinct factions, each led by 15 game-changing leaders (called Paragons), each with a unique ability, adding depth to a game with countless playstyles and strategies. Whether you’re new to gaming and playing in casual modes or a seasoned competitor proving yourself in the Ranked Ladder and Tournament Modes, Parallel features a deep, diverse gaming experience for all.

Bridging Gaming Communities: GamesBeat and Lil Snack

Parallel’s community engagement stretches all the way back to the very games we play, through a partnership with GamesBeat and Lil Snack that creates custom in-game experiences for our readers. The studio’s commitment to building a novel type of TCG is no longer just about the game itself. They want to build a thriving gaming community.

Rewards, Rankings, and the Road Ahead

One of Parallel’s main differentiators is its player-friendly economy. Free-to-play users are on equal footing, with weekly and monthly giveaways that make the already fun experience of in-game tournaments and ranked matches even richer. These initiatives are examples of what it means when Parallel says it wants to reward the community. Parallel also wants to make sure that the gaming journey is rewarding, for everyone.

Looking Beyond the Horizon: The Ambitious Future of PARALLEL

And while Parallel’s story is still in its early days, it has already won a huge number of awards and is developing a blossoming competitive scene which includes a $500,000 prize pool for 2024. It is undeniably being embraced by the gaming community and already has a collaboration with Epic Games Store planned along with an expansion set of cards called Planetfall coming in 2023, with more than 100 new cards and expanding the Parallel universe.

A Milestone on Epic Games Store

This launch on the Epic Games Store is not only an additional way for players to discover Parallel but also a crucial next step in Parallel Studios’ goal to expand across the globe. With the Parallel League and its tournaments featuring significant prize money, the studio is setting their sights on the competitive gaming arena and paving the way for a bright future.


At the heart of this product journey is Parallel Studios, a team of industry veterans pushed together by a collective dream to build an immersive gaming product that combines strategic gameplay with a rich sci-fi lore. Parallel Studios is not just building a game. It is creating a new narrative for storytelling in digital entertainment. What we’re building now will not only set a new bar for digital card games but will also be the backbone of a new generation of digital gaming products. Parallel Studios has big plans for the future, including expansion packs, a competitive scene, and a deep-rooted commitment to our community.

Ultimately, Parallel’s release on the Epic Games Store is not just a game launch. It is the beginning of a new era of gaming found in the Power Swap.

Jun 13, 2024
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