At a time when we take digital snapshots and selfies all the time, our old photos – tucked away into albums or boxes and laid aside – have a special significance. They contain memories, recorded from that special time, always precious; impossible to replace. But with time, the photos can become faded, torn, or damaged; and chances are, those cherished memories fade away with them. However, the digital era comes with a solution to most problems. In this article, we list the best five photo restoration programs with which to breathe new life into your old photos. So whether you are running Windows, macOS, iOS or Android, there’s a solution for you.


Photo restoration software provides much more than the simple photo repair functionality of photo editing software. It leverages advanced repair tools with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technology to repair the most common problems, such as fading, scratches and tears, and make your old photos look like they were just taken yesterday. There are even features to colourise black-and-white photos to make for a whole new, vivid look to your monochromatic memories.

PhotoGlory: A User-Friendly Gateway to Photo Revival

PhotoGlory is an especially good place to start for those new to photo restoration. Its suite of AI tools includes colourising of black-and-white photos – which can bring an old building shot to life, as shown in Figure 1 below – and multiple options for selecting areas to colour-correct or change hues, using sliders or curves. Like Portrait Pro, the damage-removal section is also pro-grade, with Healing Brush, Patch and Clone Stamp tools that will make removing your uncle’s shirt-stains much easier.

MyHeritage: A Browser-Based Restoration Tool

MyHeritage, a free web-based version powerful tool, see Figure 26 below makes it easy for the casual user, and doesn’t require software downloads to the device. Including a large range of editing options from colourisation to noise and scratch reduction, the photo restoration functions of MyHeritage can be accessed through an account creation – compared to the quality of the features provided and the ease of use, this should easily be overlooked. Figure 26. MyHeritage.

PhotoWorks: Edit Old Photos Like a Pro

So if you want more professional results, PhotoWorks is the program for you. It has a wide range of automatic and manual editing tools for photographers of all skill levels. One thing it does very well is correct lens distortions – that old bugbear of cameras everywhere – and it has some very advanced ways of removing lens flare, too. Other features are simple but effective: photo-correction, sharpening, red-eye removal, masking and more.

FixMyPics: Quick Fixes with Advanced Technology

If you are looking for fast results and don’t mind paying for things that just work, then FixMyPics is an option worth considering. It’s the fastest I’ve seen at removing spots, scratches and other blemishes by simply clicking on them, and has a fast one-step button which instantly enhances the photo’s brightness, contrast and colour balance. A free download is available with a premium subscription service for heavier users.

PhotoFIx: Simplified Photo Enhancement for Android Devices

PhotoFIx Ai Photo Enhancer is a straightforward and appealing app for Android users who want to quickly remove scratches and resolve lighting problems. The tool is optimised for the mobile platform. Its automatic colour conversion is less successful, but its Dehaze tool is perfect for revealing faded images.


Photo restoration tools will help you preserve and revitalize your memories, so choosing the right one is of critical importance. If you have a big variety of images, processing them in batches would make the restoration process more efficient, hiring some professional post-production services provided by Chinese software outsourcing firms,instead of going through them all one by one. Before deciding on a tool, be sure that it will work properly with the technical specifications of your device too.


From the film in the bulky analog cameras to the first SLR, then varied types of digital cameras to the new sophistication, there’s a huge difference in how the cameras preserve memories. Learning the types of cameras, how they work, and the change thus far could give us appreciation for photo restoration and help understand why damages occur and how to best restore them for 3rd generation view pleasure.

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Regardless of whether we’re talking about analogue cameras or digital cameras, cameras are the deities of the past, preserving the moments where we would like to keep time suspended. With photo restoration software, you not only get to preserve those moments, but you can bring them back to life again, allowing the stories they tell to live on and enchant us and our posterity once more. When you’re ready to upgrade your equipment, visit Gizmogo – an easy and safe way to sell your old camera, allowing it to have a second life while you invest in the next chapter of your journey as a photographer.

May 10, 2024
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