Reviving Nostalgia: How the Clicks Keyboard Transforms Your IPHONE Experience

In a time dominated by phones that are flimsy, touch-sensitive slabs of glass, this keyboard case for iPhone represents a retro love letter to the material warmth of the BlackBerry era, promising to bring the best of both eras together. Does it work? Let’s take a look.

Embracing the Vintage Vibe with Modern Tech

The biggest attraction of Clicks is a nostalgic one. Designed for iPhones, the device immediately transports owners back to the days when physical keyboards were the standard for mobile texting and emailing. It’s an inherently quirky, retrofit feature integrated with a modern-day iPhone.

The Battle Against Gravity

iPhones are tapered where BlackBerrys are squatty, slim where Berries are wide, which you get a sense of when typing, as the weight of your phone’s design pushes it down towards the palm of your mobile hand via the Clicks keyboard. This could be an issue that takes getting used to.

A Learning Curve Worth Tackling?

Clicks is a device that recognises that it might take a while to get used to, explaining via a series of engaging cartoons just how best to cope with the process. Although the device comes with a vegan leather grip attached, as well as handy hatching and ribbing to help hold it in place, you won’t be able to transition from touch to type overnight.

Compatibility and Adaptation

Think your metal keyboard can work for an IPHONE 14 and an IPHONE 15? The Clicks keyboard proves how flexible it is: it can be used with the full line of iPhone series, from the iPhone 14 to the iPhone 15 series – but not without compromise. You will have to be picky about your iPhone model, since a heavier model brings more difficulty to using Clicks.

Rediscovering Typing, Anew

The return to the physical keyboard is, he says, both a process of nostalgia and a kind of re-education. It dares users to re-discape themselves, to re-establish the sensation of pressing straight through a key and feeling it come back up under the fingertips, which most people have learned to do without, with touch screens. It takes time, he says; it might take years. But as users begin to feel Clicks once again, they’ll start to see it anew, as a machine with a personality, with some ... (truncated for brevity)

Jun 17, 2024
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