Revolutionizing AI Assistants and Gaming with NVIDIA's RTX Power

With innovation and technology constantly changing in a digitally driven world, NVIDIA is setting the pace. From its latest reveal, this company looks to revolutionise AI assistants and virtual human interactions. As we delve into the world of RTX innovation, NVIDIA is pioneering the future of PC gaming, AI digital assistants and graphic content creation, all driven by the raw power of its GeForce RTX AI laptops. This is the future as seen through NVIDIA’s technology lens.

NVIDIA's Leap into the Future: GeForce RTX Enhancements

Embracing the Era of AI with Project G-Assist

Picture having an in-game AI that understood your PC gaming environment and could provide real-time, targeted tips and hints and recap game context anytime you needed it. NVIDIA’s Project G-Assist turns this into reality. Working with RTX to underscore the potential of AI, Project G-Assist is your very own AI wingman, right there in the virtual battlefield with you. It helps you understand and master every corner of your favourite game, like an AI-powered beacon of gaming legend and lore that provides smart, context-aware assistance to make your gaming experience better than ever. Through AI, NVIDIA is changing how we interact with games.

Introducing the First ACE PC NIM

The ACE PC NIM from NVIDIA introduces a new era of digital human computing, replacing animation with real-time, inference-based microservices that run in seconds and minutes, rather than weeks, on RTX AI PCs and workstations. NVIDIA has started the revolution of digital humans, turning them into real, lifelike expressers that communicate with us through human-sounding (and looking) natural language understanding and facial animation by running on RTX AI PCs.

Empowering Windows Applications with AI and RTX GPUs

Merging a new generation of intelligent Windows applications with AI models becomes easier through a new partnership between NVIDIA and Microsoft that has the potential to dramatically improve end-user app experiences. The GPU maker says it will supply NVIDIA RTX GPUs with Microsoft AI APIs that are designed to help developers build powerful AI models into apps and enable natural human-sounding interactions; these AI models will be ‘in-device’, and programmers benefit from fast data that can be run locally on the same machine.

The RTX AI Toolkit: A New Frontier for Developers

That’s why NVIDIA unveiled the RTX AI Toolkit for developers, complete with tools for customisation, optimisation and deployment of models for applications, ensuring that AI application-specific models will become a reality instead of a distant possibility. Those tools will take full advantage of the RTX GPU lineup, ranging from the entry-level RTX 3050 to the flagship RTX 4090, given that NVIDIA claims that application-specific models can be built and deployed ‘up to four times faster than pre-trained models’.

NVIDIA's Impact on Content Creation

NVIDIA’s input also extends to various kinds of content production, where digital assistants can be aided by RTX AI acceleration: RTX acceleration has also been making waves in the modding scene thanks to apps such as ComfyUI or a modding platform like RTX Remix, which have dramatically increased performance. Making content has now become easier and more responsive, due to the democratisation of tools previously reserved only to professionals and a specially trained portion of computer hobbyists.

The Global Influence of NVIDIA RTX

With RTX, NVIDIA is taking games and apps to a whole new level, leveraging the company’s hard-won expertise in creating AI and graphics magic. RTX is also accelerating the move to real-time creation of content and immersive interactions with digital agents. With increased AI, digital experiences soon will be so photorealistic, intuitive, and immersive, it will seem like magic.


NVIDIA is the largest computing, graphics and artificial intelligence technology company in the world. When the company was founded in 1993, the focus was on GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) development. Over the years, we have expanded our offerings to cover the opportunities and challenges of AI (artificial intelligence), as well as professional visualisation, data centre, and auto markets. NVIDIA’s core values are based on an uncompromising drive for innovation – creating products and technologies that not only keep up with but set the pace for the digital future. Our flagship products – GPU based GeForce, Quadro, Tesla and Tegra – have revolutionised gaming, professional visualisation, data centres, and autonomous machines.

Jun 03, 2024
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