Get # Smart Security Simplified: How Tags Are Revolutionizing Home Safety

This cutting-edge technology is fast taking off in the field of home security as a convenient way of securing your home. Arlo is just one company that is giving you a simple way to protect your house in a snap of a tag. This article looks at how this is changing the sector of home security entirely. With the tags now in play, securing your home is easier than ever.

The RING of Security: Introducing the Arlo Security Tag

Arlo, a brand known for home security solutions, has added a new Security Tag to its range that can be used with your Arlo Video Doorbell or Keypad Sensor Hub. This NFC-equipped tag can be used to rapidly either arm or disarm your security system by tapping it against a reader. This is far easier than typing a password, or opening an app on your phone.

Main Features and Benefits of Security Tags

Quick Access and Ease of Use

One touch on a screen is all it takes to activate or deactivate a home security system. This is useful for people on the move, who can turn security checks into a matter of seconds.

Shareable Security

The tags can be given to friends you trust, like a housekeeper or pet sitter, or you can give it to someone you aren’t familiar with. You can control who has access, even limiting it by time.

On-the-go Control

Paired with the Arlo Video Doorbell, the Security Tags let the whole system be controlled even before entering your house. This remote control increases safety and comfort.

Packaging and Price: A Closer Look

The form factor of Arlo’s Security Tags is nothing special, but they do come with a few practical extras, including two plastic key rings for easy attachment to your keychain, and a quick start guide to ensure you get it set up in a jiffy. A two-pack of Arlo Security Tags costs $20, which makes the camera system – the Arlo Security System – $200 and the tags themselves $20 a piece, making an already no-brain security system for the home even more affordable.

Enhancing Your Arlo Security System

The Arlo Security System is a good option for anyone looking for a complete security system, and it costs a reasonable $200. If you want to add more cameras to your setup, an extra sensor (either an Arlo Pro 5S at $250 or Arlo Pro 5 at $150) gives better protection in another area, while the large bundle (five sensors for $300) is a good option for a home with a lot of activity.

Exploring Alternatives to Arlo

While Arlo appears to have come up with a novel approach, there is still value in looking at the competition to see what else is on the market. For example, rival companies such as Blink and Ring also have cameras and doorbells available, each with different features and at varying price points. For instance, if we compared the Blink Mini 2 (£44.99/$39.99) to the Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-In (£119.99/$99.99), or the latest camera editions of the Google Nest Doorbell and the Ring Video Doorbell from 2020 onwards, people would see there are many choices for securing their homes.

Do You Need a Subscription?

One of the first questions you might ask yourself is whether or not you need to subscribe to use a device. With both Ring doorbells and cameras, you don’t need to subscribe in order to use them, but you do typically need to subscribe to access a full suite of features. Consideration for whether or not you need the subscription can impact which system you choose for your home.

Understanding the Role of the RING

When it comes to home security systems, a ‘ring’ can often be a shorthand not only for a brand name that stands for certain Ring doorbell products – today’s most popular gadgets for home security, these nearly ubiquitous devices capture all the movement on your porch or doorstep, letting you know at a glance when your children arrive home from school or whether your package has been delivered. Security Tags leverage the concept of a ring – your zone of security, a sort of perimeter around your home – to confer another level of convenience and control on systems such as Arlo’s. The ring itself is the boundary drawn into existence by the various security devices and accoutrements you surround your home with.

The intake of NFC technology in home-security products signals a rising trend in the industry: the future direction toward solutions geared toward everyday fast-paced lifestyles. The Arlo Security Tag is a simple and convenient way to protect your home with the help of technology. Imagine what devices will be ready to meet our home-security needs in years to come as the technology continues to evolve. Hopefully by then, the robust nature of security technologies will ensure the protection of all our homes.

Jun 14, 2024
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