How Google and Smart Kitchen Gadgets Are Changing the Way We Say Cheers

Smart gadgets march alongside us in the momentous evolution of the kitchen. A good toaster has become an indispensable, if humble, member of the kitchen posse. Under Pressure: Innovations in Kitchen Tech. Courtesy the authorPhoto by Robert Rauschenberg/WikipediaIn the evolutionary race to become smart appliances, the Revolution Cooking InstaGLO R180 smart toaster won the presale sprint. As of this writing, it occupies the hot number 11 spot on Best Buy’s list of most popular gadgets. Powered by Thermal Infrared Heating Technology, the toaster is now on sale for $250, down from the original $350. The big question: why is this $100 deal on a toaster? And how does GOOGLE get dragged into this golden, sizzling narrative? Let’s get toasting.

The Smart Toast Revolution: A Crispy Upgrade

Why the Revolution Cooking InstaGLO R180 Is a Must-Have

The InstaGLO R180 is not merely the kitchen of the future. It’s intuitive, a challenge many smart kitchen tools miss. The era of burnt edges or a soggy centre is over. Using InstaGLO heating technology, your bread starts toasting in two seconds, so you don’t have to preheat and you’ll always get your toast right.

In addition, the jump from ordinary toasters to this smart appliance isn’t just about speed: the touchscreen interface has pre-sets for different types of bread and toast shades, and these pre-sets can be customised to each family member’s tastes – perfect for breakfast, or tea time, at your command, thanks to an inbuilt countdown clock with a tune to signal the end of your beeping toast.

Securing the Best Deal

This is your chance to get the Revolution Cooking InstaGLO R180 smart toaster, which with today's Best Buy discount is a steal. But time is running out. It’s not a permanent price shift and you may end up waiting for the price to revert to its $350 norm.

GOOGLE's Role in the Smart Kitchen

Harnessing GOOGLE in the Kitchen

Although we’ve been using the InstaGLO R180 as our example here, it’s hard to talk about smart kitchen tech without looking at the bigger picture – with GOOGLE at the centre of it. What’s clear is that smart home devices are here to stay, and with products like Google Assistant available for integration with Google Home and more, they can only make your cooking space even smarter.

Just think of voice-controlled appliances, recipe recommendations tailored to your individual dietary requirements, or even automated grocery lists generated automatically after analysing your cooking habits. The possibilities are (theoretically) endless as to how GOOGLE’s ecosystem can make your kitchen smarter, and smarter for you.

Exploring Further with GOOGLE's Nest Learning Smart Thermostat

And long after the toasting, GOOGLE is bringing its touch to other smart-home fixtures, like the kitchen. During holiday sales, like Memorial Day, you can find the juicy discounts: the Google Nest Learning Smart Thermostat, which can sense your habits ‘and program itself around your life… so it can turn itself down when no one’s home, or warm up the house in time for your return’.

A Deal You Can't Miss: Embrace the Smart Kitchen Revolution

Recommendations and Rare Discounts

So, while embracing kitchen smarts is all about décor and streamlining the food-making process, it’s also about making the kitchen a place we can enjoy being in. There’s no better time to upgrade, especially with exclusive discounts on the Revolution Cooking InstaGLO R180 smart toaster that’s currently 5 per cent off. We also have great offers on other smart home appliances, like Dyson’s Airstrait straightener or the Anker portable power station.

The Essence of GOOGLE in Shaping Smart Kitchens

And so, we come full circle: in a world of networked, GOOGLE-powered smart objects, today’s humble kitchen appliances are no longer mere window dressing but a portal to an emerging era of cooking – sleek, connected, and custom-tailored to suit each individual quirk.

With all these new smart kitchen technologies rolling out over the next few months and years, it’s hard to imagine GOOGLE not continuing to be the harbinger behind more connectivity and more cookability. The future of cooking is smart, and GOOGLE is doing its best to make our kitchens synonymous with hormones and heat. Thanks to GOOGLE’s ecosystem, the future of cooking is now. Cooking inside GOOGLE’s ecosystem will soon be even more perfunctory – and fun. Is anyone else hungry now?

Jun 06, 2024
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