Reimagining Strategy: How Battle Aces Revolutionizes RTS Gameplay

In an RTS gaming landscape dominated by slow strategic games, Battle Aces introduces innovation and ease-of-access to the RTS and MOBA genres. By simplifying gameplay similar to Pokémon Unite, Battle Aces offers a fresh perspective on RTS strategies, welcoming both veterans and newcomers.

The Genesis of Simplified Strategy

In the universe of realistic RTS games or competitive MOBA titles, the complexity can deter casual gamers. However, the success of Pokémon Unite in 2021 showed that simplifying these games can make them more accessible. Battle Aces follows this trend, aiming to simplify RTS gaming.


At its core, Battle Aces sets itself apart with a deckbuilding system uncommon in the RTS genre. This system allows players to select their units before the game starts, focusing more on strategy than real-time decisions.

Fast-Paced Strategic Duels

Battle Aces aims to make RTS games more accessible with shorter, intense matches that encourage swift, strategic thinking.

Dive into the Action with Intuitive Controls

Battle Aces simplifies unit management and core upgrades while maintaining strategic depth, accommodating various styles of play.

From Casual Gamer to Strategic Master

Battle Aces offers a gateway into the depth and intensity of RTS games, engaging players with its deckbuilding feature for hours.

The Bright Future of Battle Aces

With its development on PC, Battle Aces promises a free-to-play, deeply strategic, and accessible game that could change the RTS genre.


Battle Aces represents an exciting evolution in RTS and MOBA games, making complex strategies accessible and enjoyable for all players.

Understanding the Arena

The arena in gaming is more than a space; it's where strategy, instinct, and quick thinking lead to victory. Battle Aces innovates within the RTS arena, making it a fun, tactical environment for competition.

Jun 16, 2024
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