Dialing Into Safety: Protecting Your Organization from Business Email Compromise Scams

At this point in the work week, not one of us wants to hear about another potential email threat. But understanding how to protect yourself and your company from BEC scams is crucial.

Tuning Into the Threat: Understanding BEC Scams

At the heart of BEC scams is deceit, with scammers posing as coworkers to facilitate fraudulent transactions. The payoff? Diverting money to their accounts.

Pause, Reflect, and Connect: Emotional Intelligence as Your First Defense

Emotional intelligence can be the key to recognizing a BEC scam, advising a pause to reflect before acting on urgent requests.


With skepticism in mind, verify requests not by email, but by using your phone to confirm with trusted contacts, bypassing scammer's deceit.

THE DEVIL'S IN THE DETAILS: Email Addresses and More

Examining email addresses and domains for discrepancies can reveal BEC scams, underlining the importance of detail-oriented vigilance.

Protocol Is Your Pal: Adhering to Company Policies

Company procedures are a strong defense against BEC scams. Following them ensures protection and compliance.

Leadership's Role in Fostering Transparency

Fostering a culture of openness and questioning within an organization builds resilience against BEC scams.

Understanding the multifaceted nature of communication technology, specifically the phone, is pivotal in combating BEC scams. It's not just about communication; it's about verification and connection on a human level.

THE PHONE: Your Defense Against BEC Scams

Next time an urgent request hits your inbox, remember to stop, verify by phone, and proceed with caution. Your vigilance is essential for both personal and organizational protection.

Jun 17, 2024
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