Get # Samsung Stars: Charting the Best of 2024's TVs

If you’re looking for a television in a world where the options for tech kit are as wide as tastes in televised content, it’s like picking your way through a maze. But fear not. For this is your Galactic Guide to the arena of television technology that is Samsung, where the brightest and best is brought to you.

Samsung Steals the Spotlight: Unveiling the Must-Have TVs of 2024

As the sleekness and sterility of theatrical blockbusters is projected into the home, and clarity of image and sound is pushed further up the list of priorities, one brand has been first to the party, offering the kind of experience that only film cinemas could provide in years gone by: Samsung. Why has this company become the pioneer of viewing at home?

SAMSUNG S95D: The Jewel in the Crown

Samsung's Mastery in Motion

And so the curtain rises, and the Samsung S95D is clearly the screen to watch. Made of the best available parts, it contains an OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) panel to give you an experience of the most vivid picture quality and a sound system that claims it can follow ‘your on-screen object to give you audio that makes you feel like you’re living the scene’. What’s more, in its quest for the best possible viewing experience, the S95D claims you won’t be able to tell the difference between whether the screen is on or off since its anti-glare technology lets you have the perfect picture, regardless of whether it’s a sun-soaked room or a cosy evening feel.

From the cavernous halls of CES 2024 to living rooms everywhere, the Samsung S95D has made waves. Its commitment to quality establishes it as not just the TV of the year but a launch point for the future of viewing.

Budget-Friendly Brilliance: Discovering Value Beyond the Price

Hisense U6K: Your Gateway to Premium Entertainment

Lurking close behind is the Hisense U6K, offering peak performance without the premium price tag. With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on board, it guarantees to take your viewers on an immersive journey of the senses.

The Sony A95L: Where Elegance Meets Performance

A Symphony of Light and Sound

But it’s in the OLED realm that things really get interesting. The Sony A95L takes QD-OLED to new heights. This new A95OLED is the ultimate series that brings your pictures to life with an unmatched palette of colours. Sony Acoustic Surface Audio+ makes the A95H not just a TV, but a symphony of sights and sounds.

Gaming at Galaxy's Edge with SAMSUNG QN90D

A Portal to Uncharted Realms

Gamers: report to arms! Take to the wilds with the Samsung QN90D, whose 120Hz refresh rate takes you on a rollicking gonzo journey through terrains compellingly sharp and visually immersive. Step forth into the boundless realm of superlative framerates, an awesome machine assisted by a battery of features that will fuel your playing to legendary heights.

The TCL QM8: An Odyssey of Size and Clarity

Cinema Reimagined

If you want to imagine yourself as a character in a Hollywood blockbuster, the TCL QM8 beckons you to embark on a cosmic cinematic experience. With its expansive screen, everything you watch becomes an event, making it the perfect focal point for any home theatre.

Choosing Your Constellation: A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Samsung TV

Finding the right TV is like navigating the constellations. Think about connectivity, resolution and, above all, size – and then you’ll find your perfect fit. With Samsung as your guide, you’ll journey to the farthest reaches and discover the most extraordinary images.

SAMSUNG Explained: Beyond the Screen

Samsung innovation is about creating your vision on the frontier of change – through a legacy of innovation and a future built on innovation, Samsung TVs areWINDOWS TO NEW EXPERIENCES.ING.SAMSUNG.COM.SAMSUNG.COM.SAMSUNG IS ON THE FRONTIER OF THE DIGITAL WORLD.COMMITTED TO MAKING EVERYTHING SUSTAINABLE SOPHISTICATED SMART TAILORED TO YOU SUPERBQUALITY.COM.

From a world of irrelevance you’ve been rescued by Samsung, a universe of mastery that promises to lead you to the finest TV experience there is: It’s all here for you: the cineaste, the couch potato, the gamer… The stars are aligned with Samsung and the way to your dream TV experience opens up right now, in 2024.

Jun 15, 2024
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