### Cruising Down the Innovative Lane: The Debut of SAMSUNG Highway in Texas

There’s a road in Texas that tech gadget geeks, smartphone addicts and travellers alike flock to: the recently christened Samsung Highway. It’s a fitting appellation, more than just a nod to the infrastructure boom in the Lone Star State, but more importantly to a strange partnership between a global high-tech behemoth and the affluent Texan metropolises of the new millennium. Here’s how Samsung is making connections – both figuratively and literally – in Texas.

#### SAMSUNG's Texas Journey: A Road Well Traveled

Samsung, one of the most technologically innovative companies in the world, is putting down its Texan roots, at least if a $40 billion investment to build one of the largest manufacturing plants in the US is any indication. The plant is significant not just for Samsung, but for Texas, as it is the largest foreign investment in the state – and in any state in the US – ever. Through this investment, Samsung is signalling that it is an integral part of Texas, joining forces with Texas state government and its people.

#### The Ribbon Cutting: A New Era on SAMSUNG Highway

On 7 June, the Texas sun was shining. That was the day the Texas Governor Greg Abbott, joined by dignitaries from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and Samsung, cut the ribbon opening the Samsung Highway. It was a ribbon-cutting in the literal sense, too, a ribbon of asphalt stretching in a nearly straight line from Samsung’s two vast manufacturing plants to the Texas road network at large. It’s not just a highway. It’s a road to work for thousands of employees and contractors, as well as for members of the local, state and national government who travel to visit the plants.

#### Engineering Connections: The Infrastructure Behind the SAMSUNG Highway

The Samsung Highway is a feat of engineering and corporate planning. Revamping an existing roadway, Samsung invested more than $39 million toward the cause, with a substantial chunk donated by the corporation. Part of the project includes several vital upgrades, including adding new sections and traffic lights to help bring the road up to modern standards. It’s not only important for Samsung, but important for the state of Texas, which relies heavily on its infrastructure to stay connected.

#### SAMSUNG’s Texan Anchor: More Than Just a Road

Its newest plant is in Taylor, Texas, 45 minutes south of the upcoming capital of Texas, the state’s bouncing capital Austin, in Williamson County. Samsung sits just down the road, where you can drive Samsung Highway and still feel like you’re connecting with the heart of a tech empire.

#### The Commute of Tomorrow: Driving Down SAMSUNG Highway

Just out of Seoul, imagine you’re taking a long drive on a highway. Not just any highway: this one is also a kind of road trip through tech innovation and the future. Welcome to Samsung Highway, the capital’s latest phantom landscapes. If you’re a Samsung fanboy, a tech geek or just a curious Cat, cruising the highway might add some future buzz to your day.

#### A Greater Connection: Samsung’s Commitment to Texas and Beyond

The sense of commitment a company such as Samsung makes in Texas isn’t just about building factories, creating jobs, and making infrastructure improvements. It’s also about establishing a relationship with the communities where it operates. It’s about addressing an urgent and fundamental need – the need for greater connectivity, in every sense of the word. By bridging its technological presence with large-scale infrastructural investments, Samsung might create an important new template for how global firms can work to the benefit of their operating environments.

### Understanding Samsung: A Pioneer in Innovation

Samsung is a multinational conglomerate that is at the vanguard of technological innovation and is known for its products that are transforming people’s lives. Its varied portfolio covers smartphones, semiconductors, and more, all the while showing its commitment to technological innovation. Samsung Highway, subsidised and instigated by Samsung, is a form of corporate culture that embodies the spirit of innovative technology as well as community welfare and infrastructure.

In other words, Samsung’s Texas story – including the origins of the Samsung Highway – is a real-life example of technology, community and innovation coming together in one neat techno-wonder package. Every time a car drives down the Samsung Highway, it’s as if it’s driving the story of technology, progress and shared development. It cements Samsung’s position not just as a tech giant but as the builder of communities and agents of the future of travel and infrastructure.

Jun 09, 2024
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