A Revamped Viewing Experience: Samsung S95D's Anti-Glare Innovations Redefine OLED TV Standards

Unveiling the Future: The Dawn of the SAMSUNG S95D

Since its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2024, the Samsung S95D has become a must-have device, most notably to showcase its anti-glare and anti-reflection technology. Capturing headlines for its alleged ‘game-changing’ innovation for OLED TVs, the promise of not having to deal with ambient light quickly elicited both warm praises for and doubts about its ability to maintain picture quality. Under the pressures of time, we’ve put the S95D through its paces in different set-ups, so the time has come to offer a detailed analysis of whether Samsung’s experiment has been a success.

The Quest for Perfect OLED Illumination

Achieving peak brightness to match LED LCDs and being able to hold contrast in ambient light were two big hurdles for OLED TVs historically. Now that the brightness challenge is in play for the latest entrants, anti-reflectivity looks like the next hill to summit, so that the OLED magic glows brightly in any conditions — even with the lights on. But TVs maybe aren’t the natural fit for this direction in OLED. Samsung’s S95D is not just an improvement, it could provide a glimpse of a paradigm shift in where and how OLED TVs can be viewed.

SAMSUNG's S95D: A Masterclass in Light Control

(With an eye toward redesigning TVs for ambient light, Samsung’s engineers conceived a way of scattering, rather than merely reducing, reflections in the S95D, converting potentially distracting glare into a soft-focus glimmer or haze, and enabling viewers greater ease of visual immersion.) When evaluated side by side with a standard screen in a variety of different lighting situations, it becomes obvious that the S95D’s ability to preserve picture integrity when subjected to glare is markedly superior.

Beyond Glare: The S95D's Picture Performance

There’s been a lot of talk about anti-glare tech ‘dumbing down’ the picture, but anyone who’s spent any time comparing the S95D to the likes of the excellent LG G4 (the latest version of our favourite flagship phone for 2015) will know it’s a worry best put to rest. On balance, the S95D’s picture is beautiful, vivid and interesting at any time of day.

A Closer Look at On-Screen Lighting

More miraculously still, even the light that the display itself emits is subtly handled, dismissing fantasy tales of woe about crushed highlight detail, or unnatural halos around bright objects. On-screen light is controlled so that it’s not unlike a contrasting force to what you’re watching: it allows it to draw the eye on the screen before you. The science of OLED screen manufacture is nothing to do with wizardry, and Samsung’s industrial design of the S95D hasn’t transformed the visual impact of the tech itself: it’s a spectacular set that, with this TV, has simply welcomed the new kid into the neighbourhood.

Understanding the S95D's Target Audience

It’s hardly going to be for everyone – people might prefer a glossier look, or never be bothered by ambient light because they always watch with the curtains drawn, for instance. But for a large portion of the would-be buyers who’ve been turned away by the ambient-light issues of first-generation OLEDs, the S95D suddenly looks like a very tempting proposition. In other words, Samsung has done more than just solve a longstanding problem with OLEDs. It’s liberated them for a much larger audience. That means we can finally start thinking about where we put our televisions.


At Samsung, we take pride in writing the future by creating new categories and redefining existing ones. Through our innovative products such as Smartphones, tablets, TVs and home appliances, we strive to be the number one technology company for consumers worldwide, offering the highest quality, the best sustainability and the most creative ideas. Samsung aims to redefine what’s possible across a broad range of fields from TVs to home appliances By constructing the most revolutionary picture on an ultra-slim video wall with the S95D OLED TV, Samsung once again achieved perfection.

To conclude, the Samsung S95D represents a unique advance in OLED TV technology, offering the ultimate solution to a major demand raised by viewers: the creation of a TV set that can combine the unrivalled contrast and colour of OLED with the viability of anti-glare technology. Thanks to Samsung’s innovation, OLED TVs become appealing to a wider range of consumers, allowing viewers to enjoy an immersive experience irrespective of the lighting in the room. With the S95D, Samsung is not only rising to the challenge, but setting a new bar for the kind of experience we can expect from next-generation high-end TV sets.

Jun 14, 2024
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