Unlock the Galaxy: Inside the Gameplay of Star Wars Outlaws

Although the realm of video games is absolutely huge (and constantly growing), few announcements will travel faster through the galaxy than the mere suggestion of a new Star Wars game. For example, thanks to Ubisoft Forward, we have an extended gameplay walkthrough of Star Wars Outlaws. You can watch it right here. If you are a Star Wars fan – or even if you’re not – I would seriously consider taking the time to see what all the fuss is about. Why has such a game garnered so much attention? If you’re not interested in watching the video right now, let me give you some bad news (maybe). Star Wars Outlaws is being billed, at least in part, as a ‘roadtrip through the galaxy’. On the face of it, this term could mean a variety of things, but this game is clearly not about The Empire Strikes Back. So, it’s not really a road trip as you and I would understand it. Road trips, as we know, involve humans (or sentient aliens, I suppose). However, the heroes of Star Wars Outlaws are, at least according to the synopsis offered by IGN (the esteemed source of all info on the internet), robots. More precisely, they’re droids, hence the game’s subtitle, ‘An Odyssey Through the Stars’. Just to be clear, an odyssey is also something that happens to people (or sentient aliens). The word itself is a common noun, derived from the proper name Odysseus. By definition, an odyssey is a journey, usually a rather lengthy one, undertaken (again, usually) by a protagonist while they’re on a mission or out to accomplish an essential task.

A New Frontier: The OPEN WORLD of Star Wars Outlaws

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are poised to launch the Star Wars saga into a new phase with their upcoming title Star Wars Outlaws, the latest foray into the world of open-world games. The reworked outlaw game takes the franchise into virgin territory, with unprecedented degrees of freedom and immersion – and a universe filled with danger and opportunity. A fresh franchise hero, Kay Vess, is on a mission: to find a gunslinger at Mos Eisley – and she’s going to get there, one way or another.

The Journey Begins: From Achra Station to the Stars

But it starts at Achra Station, a verminous jumble (the dusty remains of a Clone Wars-era outpost transformed into a busy port during the age of Knights of the Old Republic) teeming with non-player characters and, more importantly, story seeds just waiting for players to find them. It’s once Kay has entered her ship and the ramshackle docks of Achra Station are a pinprick dot on the horizon that Star Wars Outlaws kicks into full gear.

Seamless Space: Exploring the OPEN COSMOS

Perhaps my favourite of the bespoke new features that were demoed in the gameplay walkthrough is the ability to transition from terrestrial exploration to the open cosmos. There are no loading screens in this universe, and that alone elevates the open-world element to something that can only be rivalled by attempting to play a VR game blindfolded. I’m doing my best to leave some of this entry’s purple prose unpolished and not pretending that anything else can so nimbly step into the shoes of The Force Unleashed games.

Engage! Third-Person Dogfights and Open Space Combat

During his journey through the stars, players get to experience a showcase of third-person action gameplay in space that is as flowing as it is fun. Chasing down bounties or fending off plague from space, the free-form combat with player ships showcases how much effort was put into making combat both fluid and fun.

Post-Launch Expansions: Extending the Adventure

Star Wars Outlaws is deeply structured as a single-player experience. At the end of the credits, though, hope springs everlasting. Ubisoft has announced future narrative expansions, two of them, including ‘Jabba’s Gambit’ (a Day 1 exclusive mission that ‘pinballs the outlaws through Jabba’s infamous palace’).

Awaiting Arrival: Preparing for Liftoff

Set for release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, Star Wars Outlaws is already the most anticipated game of 2024. Secure your place now by pre-ordering today.

The Galaxy Beckons: Why You Should Keep Your Eyes Open for Star Wars Outlaws

With its promise of open-world Star Wars gameplay, ‘Star Wars Outlaws’ might finally deliver on the mix of exploration, fighting and narrative that gamers have wished for for far, far too long. We’ll have to wait to find out because, as of today, it’s not for sale – yet.

Open Horizons: The Significance of OPEN WORLD Games

For many who played games in the past decade, this is the meaning of ‘open world’. More than a technological achievement or development philosophy, open world really means freedom, where games can begin and end to suit your desires. You can explore, you can open new missions, you can fail and try again. You can discover and expect the unexpected. Open world is about that desire for freedom, and the limitations of linear storytelling. In that sense, Star Wars Outlaws is also a testament to the changing world of game design. With the understanding of open worlds, and their potential to enrich stories and gameplay, we might finally see a game that lives up to its promise. With Star Wars Outlaws the anticipation of this open-world adventure is a sign of the continued popularity and excitement of the Star Wars IP, with its build mechanism and narrative expansions, and its innovative take on player freedom, this game is poised to become a new pillar in the Star Wars Game canon.

Jun 11, 2024
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