The Making of Stephen Rue, the Captain of Optus’s New Voyage from NBN Co Navigating New Horizons

Telecommunications is a sector always changing. The cutting edge is always, well, cutting and the companies shaping it are forever changing their shape too. The latest triggered by the news that Stephen Rue is moving from the running of Australia’s digital backbone (NBN Co) to one of the country’s big two telecommunications companies (Optus), when he is appointed CEO from November 2024. Working in telecommunications for three decades, Rue is a valued asset to any company, and he is taking his experience out of running the company that builds and manages Australia’s digital infrastructure, and into the company that delivers those infrastructure services to people. From backbone to customer.


Meanwhile, Rue waits in the wings, about to step up into his new role at Optus. He’ll leave Venter as the interim CEO until Rue gets his feet under the desk. And ironically, much of optus’s ‘steady-as-she-goes’ transition to a new CEO will likely be setting up the stage for what could be the best act of all.


No doubt Optus itself weighed its choice of Rue very carefully. Surely a global search – both in Australia and elsewhere — shows how serious Optus is about getting the right man. ‘Stephen was selected following an extensive search process which produced a strong slate of high-calibre candidates,’ said Optus’s Chairman Paul O’Sullivan. ‘Stephen’s unrivalled track record and proven vision for the future demonstrate that he is exactly what Optus needs to help realise its goals for the future.’


In his short time at NBN Co, Rue can quickly outline an ambitious desire to not only expand and enhance digital connectivity throughout the country, but to ensure it remains simple for current and future generations. He sees that quest continuing at Optus. ‘With Optus’ ongoing investments in critical infrastructure … we have one of the largest 5G networks in the country,’ he says of his new employer. ‘But we want to do much more than that. We want to lead in this sector, not only updating our network to support this service in a competitive market, but redefining the sector for the future.’


There’s something emblematic about his career development, as there are points early in his working life that not only changed his trajectory but also altered the digital fabric of Australia. Rue was the head of state-owned utility NBN Co that did what no one thought possible by building a nationwide telecommunications network on time and to budget. It demonstrates the power of purpose, of innovation and of excellence.


And under Rue, Optus is likely to be transformed: his visions for the use of technology and data will redefine service delivery and the customer experience. Rue’s distinctive combination of long-term strategic thinking and near-term operational acumen is one of his greatest strengths, and the DNA that positions Optus to emerge transformed across the coming years.


It is a rewarding story, full of achievements. It is also a story of the distinctive qualities of an officer and a gentleman for which Rue has been known. His departure from NBN Co is more than a change of job, a change of industry, or even a change of employer. It is – as with him – a marked move into some considerably bigger skies.


It is not just about a change of leadership; it is about the direction, the vision for what Optus will become in the coming years. Rue’s journey – one where he helped shape the foundations of Australia’s digital backbone – is a powerful one that holds the promise of Optus finally rising to meet the demands of the digital age – and even leading the way forward.


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Overall, Stephen Rue’s appointment as the next Optus’s CEO signifies a lucrative future not only for the company this time, but also, for the future of the digital scene in Australia. With hundreds of journeys leading up to his appointment culminating into a new dawn in the company; his journey is a testimony to the power and influence, of leading, followed by impact, innovation and sustainability. As everywhere else in the world, users and companies alike, are probably venturing into their own version of this digital journey for years to come. While Gizmogo supplies the platform that users can leverage to make the journey of selling their electronics, seamless and rewarding, the ongoing leadership journey continues unabated.

May 05, 2024
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