How to Stream the 2023 US Olympic Trials Like a Pro: Your Guide to Watching Live Without Cable

As athletes around the United States prepare for the performances of their lives, the 2024 Summer Olympics are slowly approaching and the hype around the US Olympic trials events has been ramping up. Whether you’re a swimmer or diver, a track-and-field athlete or gymnast, everyone wants to know the answer to the same question: What’s the best way to watch it live when you don’t have cable? The answer, fellow sports fans, is to stream.

Dive Into the Excitement: Streaming Platforms Overview

As the Olympic torch makes its way toward Paris, it will stop at three major trials that will decide who gets to wear Team USA in one of the most exciting events of the year. From the splash of the US Olympic Swimming Trials to the feats of the US Olympic Gymnastics Trials, knowing where to watch is half the battle. Fubo and YouTube TV are your best bet to get you closer to the action there. A little-known service called DirecTV Stream also promises to put you front and center.

Fubo's Pro Package: A Sports Lover's Dream

To be able to see, at least, every jump, stroke and sprint, the place to look, for me, is the Fubo Pro package. Boasting more than 180 live TV channels across the US, including the all-important NBC, CNBC and USA networks, Fubo covers all the bases. The pro tip? There’s a seven-day trial, which could be perfect for those targeted viewing marathons.

YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream: Versatile Viewing

Meanwhile, YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream enter the fray with packages that offer you NBC, CNBC and USA Network, each with a five-day free trial. Spread out, those trials amount to a total of 17 days of elite sport – exactly enough to cover the duration of the trials.

The Peacock Pro Move for Comprehensive Coverage

Free trials provide a taste, but diehard fans crave deeper dives. Peacock’s Premium plan comes into play. Because it’s not free, but also relatively inexpensive, Peacock Premium meets the needs of those who crave exhaustive coverage, including preliminary bouts and qualifying heats that are typically missed by free TV.

Sling TV: A Budget-Friendly Alternative

Even though Sling TV wasn’t offering a free trial and NBC isn’t available in Dayton on Dish, for under $20, plus taxes and fees in the Blue package – with ‘News Extra’ added on – there’s no cheaper way to watch the channels you need. Add in the discount on the first month, and it’s a wise choice for any frugal viewer.

The Pro Strategy for International Fans: VPNs

VPNs such as NordVPN, specialist software that makes it look like you’re connecting from within the United States, become fans’ most valuable players overseas, helping them fake their location and connect with a server in the US to watch the trials, so that no one is sweatin’ bullets.

Going Pro with Your Streaming Game

To stream the 2024 US Olympic Trials like a champ, you’re going to have to jump through a few hoops. If you want a 7-day free trial, you’ll have to cancel your subscription before it expires. You could even stack services to cover all the bases. Plenty of viewers are signing up not just for exposure to the Olympic trials, but for all the other goodies that come included with services such as Peacock and Sling TV. You can think of this as a two-fer or three-fer.

Beyond the Stream: Embracing the Pro Experience

Although streaming services have fundamentally altered how we consume live sport, watching like a pro is not about any one particular technology; it’s about embracing the shared enthusiasm, the common joy and the sense of shared humanity that accompanies the experience of witnessing human excellence and determination. The 2024 US Olympic Trials will witness a gathering of incredible athletes and hardcore fans.

And so, whether you spring for Fubo’s Pro package, or for Peacock Premium, or simply glide around the NBC live streams using a VPN, the 2024 US Olympic Trials promises to provide a viewer’s feast for Olympic junkies. The day will soon come when we scream and cheer for Team USA and, thanks to the convenience of streaming, all you need to do to share in the joy and agony of thousands of athletes and their families is click your mouse. Until then, gear up, pick your platform and get ready to join in on the Olympic fun – from your living room.

Jun 15, 2024
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