# Instantly Stream Mavs vs Celtics Game 2 to Boost Your Game Zone! Here’s How You Can Succeed …

When it comes to professional basketball, very few matchups get the fans juices flowing more than the Dallas Mavericks going against the Boston Celtics. The battle gets even more intense as both NBA giants face off in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. With Boston taking the lead in the series following their win in the first game, the Celtics are pulling out all the stops to defend their turf, while the Mavs are just as determined to even up the score. If you are wondering how to follow the action as it happens live, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at how to stream the Mavs vs Celtics Game 2, just in time for the action to kick off.

CONNECT with the Game on Sling TV

The Budget-Friendly Streamer's Choice

Want to watch the NBA finals live but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Look no further than Sling TV’s ‘Sling Orange’ package. For $20 for your first month and $25 after that, you get ESPN3, which broadcasts all of the NBA on ABC games live.

Also not to be forgotten: the special $20 for the first month ‘Sling Blue’ package, including, yes, the actual ABC network, though it, too, is market-specific. If you live in one of those Sling TV ABC markets, congratulations! In addition to the NBA finals, you might get to also see those tantalising NHL playoffs on ABC. For the rest of you, ‘Sling Orange’ is still your ‘ticket to the courts’.

Discover Free Streaming Options for Mavs vs Celtics Game 2

Catch the Excitement Without the Expense

How can I watch Game 2 free? Fubo, which has a seven-day free trial for new accounts, offers ABC (which is available in most markets) as part of its “Pro” package, along with more than 180 other live TV channels. Fubo’s is among the more expensive styles of bundles in the long run but, the great thing is that its new customers can take advantage of the free trial for seven days, which is enough time to not only watch Game 2 but to enjoy Game 3 and Game 4 free of charge.

If your Fubo free trial is already a distant memory, don’t worry: YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream both carry ABC in most markets, and both come with a five-day free trial, so you can follow the NBA finals madness for free.

Go Global: Watch Mavs vs Celtics Game 2 from Anywhere

Crossing Borders with Connectivity

The geography of TV streaming doesn’t get in the way of fans outside the US wanting to watch Game 2 live. All you need is a subscription to a VPN service such as NordVPN to mask your whereabouts and link up with a US server. You can work the tech around it and gain access to the streaming services that are otherwise blacked out for US nationals. This allows international fans to feel part of the field action, connected and up-to-date with every dribble, pass and basket.

Stream Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks

Maximizing Your Viewing Experience

You can’t enjoy the NBA Finals if you’re experiencing connection difficulties. Make sure your internet connection is reliable by having a good and fast internet connection, especially if you want to stream the game in HD. Take into account the bandwidth and loads on the chosen server if you’re using a VPN, and test your streaming before it actually starts to avoid last-minute trouble.

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Understanding "Connect"

This has been a ‘connect’ guide, hasn’t it? From connecting to a cheap-as-chips streaming service to connecting from afar with a VPN? But in the context of live sports action in the here and now, ‘connect’ expresses more than anything. It’s there in the closing of geographical distance, it’s there in the merging of tech and entertainment, it’s there in the formation of a collective fan community. It’s there in the experience of being there, when you’re not there – across the world.

But if you hurry, you can make sure you’re hooked up in time for Mavs vs Celtics Game 2, guaranteed to ‘make NBA history’. If you have Sling TV, you’re ready. If you have a free trial and don’t mind being ‘all out of time’, you’re ready. But, if you see what that VPN guy did and want to try it yourself, you’re a step behind, but still one free Saturday away from redemption.

Jun 10, 2024
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