The Tides Turn: Sumo Group's Strategic Decision Amidst Gaming Industry Storms

The volatility of economic tides swirls about the video game industry like ocean waves, to a certain extent. However, the recent moves made by major players point to significant shifts. In light of this, Sumo Group – the giant behind such beloved titles as For Honor, LittleBigPlanet, Hydrophobia and Knack, as well as the publisher of the recently released Secret Mode – has announced it’s laying off 15 per cent of its staff. Simply put, the industry is shifting, and the giants are moving in new directions, often reducing the size of workforces to do so. That’s what happened at Sumo, and it is a story that needs unravelling.

The Catalyst Behind the MOVE

Sumo Group announced the move on Tuesday, in-between a wave of mass layoffs that spanne...

Jun 12, 2024
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