Hollywood Has Collaborated to Redefine the Concept of ‘Season’

As one of my favourite Hollywood anecdotes goes, a star once requested a tripling of his fee, regardless of the length of a contract. The studio, keen on obtaining as much of his work as possible, proposed that they redefine the term ‘season’. From then on, the phrase ‘I now pronounce you man and wife’ would be followed by ‘for the season, meaning until further notice – unless you two crazy kids reunite, in which case I want a giant cheque’. We aren’t likely to witness such an absurdity anytime soon. However, the curious reimagining of the ‘season’ with blockbuster series such as Homeland (Showtime, 2011-) or Better Call Saul (AMC, 2015-) is quite a momentous event in its own right.

The world of films and TV is ever-changing as new projects, exciting new castings and innovative new films continue to change the game and audiences expectations of what they will be seeing on their screens. From the introduction of fresh new faces shaking up the high-tension horror genre to ground-breaking new developments in long-awaited series, here’s a fresh look at the most recent developments leading the way into the future of TV and film.

Star-Studded Horror on the Horizon: The Muschiettis’ Latest Venture

Zazie Beetz – best known for her roles in Joker (2019), Atlanta (2016-) and Deadpool 2 (2018) – will also make her horror entrance with The Will Kill You, the first project set for Andy and Barbara Muschietti’s new horror label, Nocturna. Written by Kirill Sokolov and Alex Litvak, the film will follow a young woman who takes a job as a housekeeper in an NYC skyscraper, completely unaware of the building’s dark past. This film promises to bring audiences a new and electrifying horror story.

A Stop-Motion Journey: Neil Gaiman’s Enchanting World Returns

Meanwhile, the statue-like Henry Selick (Coraline) is directing the stop-motion movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane, which is the long-awaited but unofficial sequel to Coraline, introducing not just a diabolical other mother joining our world, but the potential for a Gaiman-powered movie multiverse.

Fresh Faces and Indelible Marks: Updates from Star Trek and Beyond

His character, whom Liao describes as ‘very, very intense’, will no doubt take viewers for a ride in Star Trek: Section 31, joining the cast of the anthology series starring Michelle Yeoh (out later this year).

Meanwhile, Terrifier 3, the grossest of the blood-splatter franchises, has wrapped filming its goriest practical effects, the kind that remain the one thing you can’t fully fake in cinema. And last, but never least, Superman makes a comeback, while new set photos from The Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom bring the Daily Planet back to life, with renewed hope for the franchise.

Peacemaker’s Expanding Universe: A New Season, A New Face

Tim Meadows is an excellent addition as Peacemaker’s ARGUS agent Langston Fleury in the second season. The show has already been greenlit for a third season. Greg Mottola is attached to direct at least one episode, which means the series should stay strong.

MAX: A Hub for Premier Entertainment

One of Max’s most anticipated series debuting later this December is James Gunn’s Creature Commandos, which seems like a uniquely excellent kind of entertainment you’d expect to see only on Max. As Max and other digital entertainment platforms expand content, they also will help define what digital entertainment should look like.

From South London to Norse Gods: Netflix’s Bold Offerings

Five Black South Londoners develop superpowers, one at a time and inexplicably, in the original TV series Supacell arrived for binge-watching on Netflix this autumn. Zack Snyder’s original animated Twilight of the Gods, also premiering on Netflix this autumn, puts the final thunderbolt of Norse mythology to the screen.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Entertainment Unfolds

Every update, from the haunted halls of Nocturna’s skyscraper to the celestial narratives of Norse deities, brings the film and TV industry one more step closer to narrative and visual innovation, as well as the world-building that will undoubtedly captivate audiences for years to come.

Understanding the Max in "MAX"

Max continues to play a key role in keeping this entertainment ecosystem functioning, providing viewers around the world with access to the best programming in global entertainment. Our focus on premiering TV’s best shows and movies gives anyone with access to an internet connection a view into worlds of imagination – whether crafting superhero fantasies or intricate soap-operas, all in the comfort of their homes. There’s no doubt that Max will remain a stalwart of entertainment in a growing digital world – a strong reinforcing element of its future.

From the big-budget Star Trek: Section 31 series to the worldbuilding in The Ocean at the End of the Lane and the upcoming titles on Max, the future of cinema and TV promises to be a continent of tales. These futures are on the way, and audiences the world over await.

Jun 14, 2024
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