Unlocking New Horizons: The Top Among Us Mods That Revitalize the Game

What if, instead of being boring and mundane, people loved their jobs? Instead of working 40 hours a week like drones, we could log in a couple of hours and play Among Us. Then, the following week, we could return and play a different game. The popularity of this game that took players out of reality and into a world of mystery, mistrust and intrigue came from its simplicity and its longevity – a game that will never get old, or at least, one that gets less and less old the more you play it. With the crisp, basic visuals, it also appealed to casual and serious gamers of all ages, but all good things must come to an end. As time goes by, every game begins to age – even Among Us. Or, at least, it can get a bit stale. This is where mods come in. Modding culture, particularly in games, has been around for decades. Mods add new content and modernise the game, and quality-of-life improvements and new gameplay modes and mechanics are available to enhance your Among Us gameplay. With that in mind, here are the best Among Us mods that will breathe new life into your gaming sessions.

Skeld.Net: The Gateway to Modded Servers

Join the Community and Explore New Worlds

Skeld.net takes literally any amount of troubleshooting out of heading into a stream of modded Among Us servers, giving you as many of them as you want in one, easy-to-access place. It doesn’t just expand the universe of Among Us, either — there are now more than 10 custom servers to play on at any given time, the most unique of which are the fan-made versions of Cops & Robbers (read: cats in vests vs cats in prison uniforms) and Slenderman-themed game modes. Every mode is adaptive of the game in some way, so there are no duds here. The community Discord for the site is another opportunity for connecting with other players and potentially organising game nights, giving Skeld.net plenty of reasons to be a part of an Among Us lover’s life.

BetterCrewLink: Elevating Communication

Where Voice Brings Us Closer

One of the few complaints with respect to the base game is that there’s no integrated voice chat functionality – and BetterCrewLink does just that. Not only will Proximity Voice Chat add a layer of realism and immersion (and terror!) to the game that typing cannot deliver, gamers can now only directly ‘whisper’ or warn somebody with urgency if they’re within physical proximity, just like in the quiet of Deep Space.

Town of Us: A Role for Everyone

Embrace the Chaos with New Roles and Factions

Meanwhile, Town of Us supercharges the game with a cornucopia of new roles and factions, altering the existing dynamic between crew and imposters. There are jesters that want to be kicked off the crew, executioners that want to kill certain people, and Sherlocks that want to pinpoint their imposter counterparts. These intricate additions bring an extra element of strategy to the game, and as the mod adds a third neutral faction, every session becomes a new adventure.

Streamers Hat Pack: Show Your Streamer Allegiance

Wear Your Fandom Proudly

Paying homage to the streamers who helped catapult Among Us to stardom, Streamers Hat Pack includes hats based on your favourite YouTubers; to honour LilyPichu, you can now wear a flower on your head. Or, to mimic the Disguised Toast mask, you can dunk on your fake murdering crewmates with a headword representing the face you make when you’re about to murder someone.

ColorsPlus: A Spectrum of Expression

Unleash Creativity with 256 Shades

The default colours only go so far. Anyone playing Among Us and wanting more variety in their number of options will find something to like in ColoursPlus. Where the base game has, at most, a dozen colours to choose from, ColoursPlus offers over 256 colours for each part and a tool to identify the hex colour of any selection. It goes without saying that these colours won’t show up for anyone who is not running the mod, but it is a step up in personalisation nonetheless.

Navigating the World of Mods: A Conclusion

Mods are the gateway to new forms of play that can breathe fresh +life into games, keeping them relevant for longer, and Among Us is a perfect example of a system with a simple premise that can expand endlessly with a little creativity. From the extensive chat log of Skeld.net to the alternate roles (such as the all-seeing Smart Imp) and cosmetic trinkets (eg, Squadron hats, dinosaur heads) from Town of Us, BetterCrewLink, Streamers Hat Pack and ColoursPlus, mods allow Among Us to remain a delightfully strange exploration.


Although this article is focused on the specific case of Among Us mods, I think that it’s worth highlighting how ring shows up so many times in the piece: from ring of the community to ring of innovation to ring of play. Each of these references a certain kind of cycle: the continuous, reciprocal, practice of innovation and play that makes mods so exciting to create and enjoy. It is in these rings of play that games such as Among Us remain modded and vibrant, that players and mod developers alike can step into.

Jun 15, 2024
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