Unveiling the Best DELL XPS Deals: A Guide to Supreme Savings on Dell's Finest

It is time to talk about the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro but if those aren’t your thing, you can rely on the DELL XPS series. There is a reason that the DELL XPS is one of the best laptop series on the market. The 2023 refresh of the DELL XPS 13, DELL XPS 15 and DELL XPS 17 shows no sign of slowing down, but where can you find the best DELL XPS deals? Don’t panic, we’ve done the legwork for you.

Grabbing the Best DELL XPS 13 Deals

Satisfy Your Tech Cravings with Dell's Compact Powerhouse

The smallest model in the DELL XPS line, the DELL XPS 13 is a favourite with commuters and people heading off to university or college. Anyone who needs a computer they can easily carry, without sacrificing power or usability, should take a look. The DELL XPS 13’s thin profile doesn’t convey its power, though it does a great job of encapsulating it. Stocks for the latest models have only just begun shipping, so you’re not likely to find many deals right now, but we’ve looked through the older iterations to find a few gems to offer great value.

Unlocking Stellar DELL XPS 15 Deals

When Size Meets Power: Experience the DELL XPS 15

(via Dell) Step up in size and power from the DELL XPS 13 above with the XPS 15 – the tower of computing power in the XPS range. While retaining the same sparkling white, machined aluminium construction, the XPS 15 is faster, bigger and designed for people who need the ultimate computing experience for work and play. The larger chassis means you can spec out this laptop with the best hardware available, including Nvidia RTX GPUs and oodles of RAM, for the ultimate visual experience.

Magnificent DELL XPS 17 Deals Awaiting

The Pinnacle of Screen Real Estate and Performance: The DELL XPS 17

Maximalists will find the DELL XPS 17 is a peak of laptops – a big-screen luxury machine with lots of RAM and RTX GPUs from Nvidia’s top-shelf that will effortlessly crush whatever you throw at it in terms of work or play. Premium specs come at a premium price, but with these deals it comes a bit closer to the reach of the more power-hungry among us.

Discover More Unmissable Deals

Even though our radar is pinging on the excellent DELL XPS deals, we’re really scanning our radar for every kind of deal. Whether it’s essential tech, such as commercial-grade Vitamix blenders and dash cams that have your back in case of an accident, or flagship gaming laptops by Alienware, Asus and Razer, our guide is constantly updated with the best laptop deals around.

Saving Big on DELL XPS: Tips and Tricks

Buying a cheap DELL XPS laptop takes patience and timing. Watching for seasonal sales, where prices are slashed around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, can lead to significant savings. Those looking for an extra bargain might want to dip into Dell’s section of refurbished equipment direct from the manufacturer.

About DELL

DELL is a giant of the computing market, always trying to push the boundaries of technology, and the company has a great history of innovation. Its XPS series of products – and this goes for all of its laptops – combines beauty with function to create innovated machines that are at once great reflections of Dell’s capabilities and great purchasers for anyone looking for a laptop. Whether you’re looking for a slim, powerful performer like the DELL XPS Laptop – 7390, 13.3-inch, Silver or a true beast with the DELL XPS Laptop – 9570, 15.6-inch, Silver, or even a desktop replacement with the DELL XPS Laptop – 9570, 17.3-inch, Silver, Dell makes sure you’re getting your money’s worth in a laptop that will last you a long time.

When shopping for the optimal machine to work and play, remember that the best DELL XPS deals give you the best of the technology without the huge cost. So make sure to have this guide with you as you browse through the choices available and you are sure to find a unit to fit your need, desire and budget.

Jun 15, 2024
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