### Unleash Your Child's Creativity This Summer: The Magic Of Toybox 3D Printer

As the dog days of summer loom, with their promise of undiscovered worlds and long, lazy days of boredom, and the monotonous soundtrack of ‘Mooooom! I’m bohh-red!’ that comes with them, this technological panacea will transform those boring days into an endless supply of creative play spontaneity. Say hello to the Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Bundle. A friendly little package of playthings! This Children’s Toy 3D Printer will make your summer full of that special rarified thing known as time, while stomping out boredom and instilling in your little ones the creative spark that will help them grow into confident inventors and scientists. And, for Memorial Day, you can save an additional $90 off the regular price! Get it now for $348.99.

#### CONNECT with Endless Possibilities

What is most beautiful about the Toybox 3D Printer is this: the ability it gives children to, for the first time, translate their imagination into reality. The device can be found on Shark Tank and is a one-touch printer made for kids. The prints will never fly away or get buried in a drawer, losing their potential forever. They also won’t stab you because the prints don’t need to be hacked apart with knives. A bottom dock allows users to easily dislodge anything they print, with no sharp utensils required.

#### Easy Setup, Endless Fun

Out of the box, the Toybox 3D Printer is as easy as pie: get it set up and working, so that you unbox and then print. Plug it in to your Wi-Fi, download the Toybox app, input the printer, load food (filament) and start printing. 3D printing can be as easy as pointing, clicking and naming — an easy concept that all kids can quickly grasp. Toybox 3D Printer gives kids the opportunity to be the masters of their own independent creative endeavors, not just their own toys.

#### CONNECT to a World of Toys

It does not print any old toys – it hooks kids up to an ever-growing list of Cartoon Network, DC Comics and Looney Tunes characters and icons. It is the sense of being able to simulate the user as artist, however, that remains the central selling point to children, and the Toybox 3D Printer’s Creator Space design software encourages the child to create and upload their own designs.

#### This Memorial Day: CONNECT, Create, Play

In time for Memorial Day, there’s no better time to plug into a creative summer of play with the purchase of the deluxe bundle. The world’s first 3D printer for kids that prints with food just got better, now adding eight colourful printer food colours so the creative possibilities are endless. $348.99, down from a regular price of $439, is a small investment for a magical connection!

#### Why The Toybox 3D Printer Is A Must-Have This Summer

The Toybox isn’t just a toy, but a creative tool that brings learning into play. In an era where digital devices often consume much of our children’s time, the Toybox 3D printer offers a hands-on experience that encourages creativity, problem‑solving abilities, and perhaps even an early interest in technology design and engineering. It’s a gift for your child’s future, not just their summer.

### Exploring the CONNECT Feature

‘Connect’ is a big deal – as in ‘connect your children’s imaginations to the 3D Printer.’ Making stuff isn’t easy. It takes knowledge and practice. That’s why Toybox 3D Printer connects to Wi-Fi and to the Toybox app. One click and a child is exploring, designing, and printing toys from within Toybox. From that point on, there is no gatekeeper between them and the limitless universe of their imaginations.

#### Wrapping Up: CONNECT, Create, Discover

Brought to you by the makers of the Nintendo 3DS, the Ultimate Kids Toy and the Untamed Raptor by Learning Curve, the Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Bundle will be available this Memorial Day at an unbeatable price. It’s not just a summer project. It’s the key to a whole new universe for our kids. It’s the way to get them collaborating, creating, and discovering. The Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Bundle: make this summer the summer of creation, the summer of joy for your child Too often we allow our children’s summers to become a series of forgettable days. But, with the Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Bundle, you can make this one the summer they remember.

Open up your child’s summer to infinite creativity and connection with a Toybox 3D Printer. Not just another toy, but a way to connect, dream and create a summer to be remembered.

May 29, 2024
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