Unleashing the Future: How Tablets and Spatial Computing Transform Learning Experiences

At a time when the intersection of technology and education has become a marker for an immersive and creative approach to teaching, the University of Miami leads the way. The university is utilising ENGAGE’s spatial computing technology not only to embed itself in the wave of immersive learning, but it is also making waves that will transform the educational landscape – for good.

The Dawn of Immersive Learning with ENGAGE

It is powered by a sophisticated SaaS Enterprise spatial-computing platform (ENGAGE) that enables the creation of holistic virtual worlds by professionals, teachers, event organisers and enterprises so that they can seamlessly deliver immersive experiences. The ENGAGE XR platform was used in 40 courses at the University of Miami to enrich content and delivery.

A Glimpse into Medical Innovation

Think of medical students in surgery at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute on the University of Miami campus picking apart the complexities of eye examinations and seeing the differences using ENGAGE and slit lights, in a way that’s close to immersive and as real as reality.

Bridging Distances with Virtual Conferences

ENGAGE can be useful outside the classroom, too. Through ENGAGE, the University of Miami hosted a new kind of health conference at their convention centre, featuring AR and VR. ‘We are starting to think about how we can combine the virtual with physical presence so we can have impact,’ said Kim Grinfeder, Department Chair at Interactive Media. ‘We don’t have to be geographically limited – that’s one of the biggest differences this is making.’

The UMverse Initiative: A Visionary Leap

The outward-facing ‘UMverse’ programme underway since 2018 makes the University of Miami a flagship campus for education innovation. It’s not so much a matter of adding XR and mixed-reality tools to courses, according to Thomas Merrick, associate director of XR at the University of Miami and N’Dow’s immediate supervisor, as it is a radical paradigm shift – ‘XR is coming anyway; ubiquitous XR technology will transform education.’

The Blend of Virtual and Physical Realms

As virtual and real spaces are becoming more closely intertwined with each other under the cloud, the ENGAGE platform facilitates bringing these worlds together. With ENGAGE, no matter how large the scale of a healthcare summit or widespread the geography of the day-to-day classroom, participants’ minds are expanded.

The Role of Tablets in Immersive Learning

These days it’s common to see learning occurring upon a tablet – our ENGAGE sessions can be accessed not just via desktop computers and VR headsets, but also on tablets, which are becoming increasingly common and convenient for learning. It’s also accommodating to tap into a high-quality novelty: lots of students love VR gaming and living their lives online.

TABLETS: The Gateway to Modern Learning and Connection

And tablets will prove to be the key bridging devices between traditional learning tools and mainstream tech of the future, with portable models capable of powering advanced human-computer interactions such as ENGAGE spatial computing platforms.

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Enabled with spatial computing and as part of platforms including ENGAGE, tablets also become educational artefacts that are transformative, opening the door to new learning styles. In the near future, and with spatial computing eyed as one of the key tools of future transformative education, tablets will become the interface of another kind of phenomena. They are the focal points of learning systems that combine dynamic content with e-learning pedagogy. The possibilities are limited only by our imagination.

May 06, 2024
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