Get # NINTENDO and Ubisoft Forward 2024: A Symphony of Games and Innovation

Harnessing the Future of Gaming: Ubisoft's Forward 2024 Showcase

Ubisoft Forward 2024 revealed a breathtaking tapestry of the future of gaming. An audience thrilled by the promise of a tomorrow laden with open worlds; with history become epic; with iterations that renewed the childhood of the audience, and kept the most loyal fans’ heart-rates sky-high through their very best technology. For the attendees on this spring afternoon, Nintendo had given them a sound reason to keep the wish in an industry of wonder.

Star Wars Outlaws: A New Hope for Open-World Enthusiasts

At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, when Ubisoft unveiled the gameplay for Star Wars Outlaws, the crowd came roaring back to life. The presentation featured all the trappings of a blockbuster action franchise – scoundrels, spaceships, and the desert planet Tatooine – before demoing Kay as she made her way through a galaxy far, far away. The company promised that the open-world game would allow players to pilot ships and make their own way across the galaxy, while also hinting at interactions that would shape ‘the fabric of the galaxy’s criminal underworld’. It was a love letter to fans dreaming of an immersion in the Star Wars universe.

Assassin's Creed Shadows: A Dual Dance of Destiny

In a surprising appearance from out of the dark, a dual protagonist structure was demonstrated in the gameplay reveal of ‘Assassin’s Creed Shadows’. Instead of just the predictable increased level of feedback between main character and environment, as we saw in Assassin’s Creed Mirror’s Edge, the protagonist is given a narrative choice between the bravado of a Samurai and the shadowed cunning of a Shinobi. This iteration of Ubisoft’s most beloved series takes the realism and environment responses, the choice and the stealth that is key to the player experience, and combines them with beautiful movement into a deadly historical ballet.

The Timeless Await: Prince of Persia's Grand Return

Ubisoft announcing that the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake is set for a 2026 release – and that the DLC for The Lost Crown is on the way – energised fans of the original. Addressing the demand for nostalgic experiences, Ubisoft reanimates and extends our favoured stories to delight us for years to come.

Anno 117: Pax Romana - Crafting Empires in the Ancient World

When Ubisoft revealed that their upcoming instalment would be ‘Anno 117: Pax Romana’, it was a glorious return to the timeless city-builder’s roots. For years, fans had been clamouring for an Ancient Roman Empire setting, and the latest entry would not disappoint. Here was grand historical spectacle combined with the detailed strategising the Anno series had become famous for.

The Pulse of Pandora: Avatar Expands

The upcoming DLC for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – The Sky Breaker – set to further flesh out Pandora’s lore and allow existing fans of the series and the game to further dive into uncharted Pandoran narratives – can be seen as a continuation of Ubisoft’s efforts to take existing lore and bring it to life within the interactive medium.

XDefiant and Skull and Bones: Pioneering Multiplayer Frontiers

Making headlines as a pioneering multiplayer game that ‘reimagines one of the most iconic genres of all time’, Ubisoft’s in-house-developed ‘XDefiant’ puts players in the centre of a ‘fast-paced multiplayer shooter like never before, featuring teams of elite operatives from Legendary franchises battling it out on different maps and at various times of day’. And as we’ve all been waiting with interest to return to sea, ‘Skull and Bones’ promises the ‘largest open world’ with ‘player-versus-player combat’ (and player-against-shark when you face off against a Megalodon). These games are aimed at keeping ahead of the trends in online worlds and social play.

The Crew Motorfest: Year 2 and Beyond

Courtesy Ubisoft.‘The Crew Motorfest’ roadmap.With more islands, content, and story missions on the horizon, Ubisoft is redefining the driving game with its seamless, ever-evolving representation of a world that we can explore and race in at our own whim.

Embracing Tradition: NINTENDO's Everlasting Appeal

Nintendo’s history in the video game industry is a testament of its resilience and its never-ending quest for novelty, from the Game Boy, the first handheld gaming console, all the way to the Wii and the Switch, which have both been instrumental in revolutionising home entertainment systems and paving the way for family-friendly, immersive experiences that span generations.

In the cross-pollination with Ubisoft, especially with series such as Mario + Rabbids, the two companies have shown themselves to share a core value of never stopping at the end of a familiar horizon but always looking for new ways of reinventing entertainment, as well as new patterns of behavior and new worlds in which to enact them. Nintendo built itself on being a world of endless possibility, of novel entertainment, of camaraderie and adventure, and of the joy of discovery.

Ubisoft Forward 2024 pre-announced the massive, multimedia future of gaming, as well as a seemingly durable alliance between two gaming powerhouses – Ubisoft and Nintendo – that will design stories to leap out of the screen and into our hearts, build worlds in which we live, die, and transform, and allow the mortals who’ve become gods within the industry to continue on for another lifetime.

We can look forward to these releases with equal anticipation, confident that, one way or another, the gifting relationship between Ubisoft and Nintendo are here to stay, with their benefits of magic and innovation continuing to delight and inspire, and develop new possibilities for video games into the year 2017 and beyond.

Jun 11, 2024
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