Ultimate Guide to the Best iPad Pro Cases of 2024: Expert Recommendations and Reviews

Most gadgets these days are pretty basic. If you’re in the market for a new notebook computer, they’re all about the same: a slightly lighter, slightly thinner scaled-down version of a desktop machine, running a slightly less-robust operating system. But then Apple comes along with the iPad Pro. No, it’s not a full-fledged laptop, at least not at this point. But the iPad Pro runs the full version of macOS, and it truly can metamorphose from a notepad, or a TV, or a gaming machine, to a fully fledged digital workstation. Pick your metaphor. This year, Apple has introduced new iPad Pro models. As we enter 2024, it has become critically important to find the best case for an iPad Pro if you own one. This article offers expert-tested and expert-reviewed options.

Elevate Your iPad Pro Experience with the Right Case

Finding the Best Fit for Your iPad Pro

The best iPad Pro case, the case you are after, is the Zugu for both the 11-inch as well as the 12.9-inch models. It’s the thinnest body, the most protected, versatile in stand configurations, available in multiple colours and it offers it all wrapped in the finest exterior. But that’s not the whole story. The field is competitive and there are many alternatives, if you fancy the stylus holder or the more rugged model.

Spotlight on the Zugu iPad Pro Case


  • Multi-angle adjustable stand
  • Rugged protection
  • Magnetic mounting
  • Wireless charging for Apple Pencil


  • Limited print designs
  • Slightly bulkier structure

And Zugu is the bar by which all other cases are to be judged: its cases, including for the new M4 iPad Pro, are a thing of beauty, sporting enough rigidity to put your mind at ease without marring your iPad’s lines with bulky add-ons, stylus pocket included, and in some of the snappiest colours around – a no-brainer choice for the modern professional.

Alternatives Worth Considering

Burga iPad Pro Folio Case: Style Meets Function

Its rainbow of patterns and its slim form that doubles as a stand make Burga’s folio case both stylish and indispensable. It offers less robust protection than rugged cases, but is adequate against everyday accidents.

Logitech Combo Touch: Transform Your iPad Pro into a Productivity Powerhouse

The detachable keyboard and trackpad (along with a handy storage slot for a stylus) make the Logitech Combo Touch keyboard case even more versatile than Apple’s own accessories. It’s a powerful argument for spending your iPad dollars on this product, if you use the tablet primarily as a laptop substitute and want more bells and whistles for your buck.

OtterBox Defender Series Pro: The Armor Your iPad Pro Needs

No matter if you’re headed into a hazardous work environment or just want the best protection available, the OtterBox Defender Series Pro has no equal. The heavy-duty bumper with antimicrobial treatment not only protects the corners of your iPad Pro, but also helps to ensure it’s hygienic wherever you take it.

Moft Snap Float Folio: A Touch of Sophistication

The unique stands are an interesting feature of Moft’s slimline premium case, which could be the one to keep an eye on if you really want a luxury package in one. And it has a range of options for the older 13-inch model if that interests you.

Which iPad Pro Case is the Best for You?

In the end, we each must decide what iPad Pro case will meet our unique requirements when shopping for a case that elevates our iPad Pro experience. Whether it’s the Zugu case that affords unparalleled protection and functionality; the Burga case that checks all the stylish boxes; the Logitech case that adds tangible productivity value; the OtterBox case that delivers an indestructible view; or the Moft case that brings a touch of effortless class – there’s a case for your iPad Pro out there.

Key Considerations in Your iPad Pro Case Search

Here are some things to consider when choosing an iPad Pro case. Here are 5 points about selecting an iPad Pro case: 1. Before purchasing a protective cover for your iPad Pro, you should determine which type of accessory is more suited for your lifestyle and usage.

  • Compatibility: Ensure the case fits your specific iPad Pro model.
  • Material and Protection: Look at the case’s material and its resistance against a drop or a scratch.
  • Features: Other features, such as keyboard integration, stylus storage, or unique stand configurations, could potentially improve your user experience.
  • Form: Pick a style that suits your taste, whether slick minimal or kitschy print.
  • Cost: Decide what kind of budget you’re working with; more expensive doesn’t always mean better.

The Pro Behind "Pro"

The word Pro implies high quality and capability, and iPad Pro cases are the epitome of form, function and protection. Products with the Pro badge are crafted with special attention to detail to specifically suit the needs of heavy users, with purpose-built features and performance that sets them apart.

Embrace the Pro Standard

Because the best iPad Pro case becomes an extension of the iPad Pro experience – it protects it, sure, but it also beautifies it, extensions of your very self, which you can reinforce with the accessory that best reflects who you are and what you need to do. In other words, if you get a Zugu case because you want maximum protection and maximum features; if you buy a Burga because you want something elegant and minimal and light; if you buy the Logitech because you need it to handle a bunch of iPad Pro inputs at the same time; if you pick up an OtterBox Defender for its military-grade protection and rugged durability; if you get the sleek Moft Float Folio because you want something light, thin, and that sets your iPad Pro at a perfect viewing angle, then you are a Patron of Pro. Welcome to Pro-ville – where you drive rationality, protect exceptionality, and enable the best of both worlds.

Jun 16, 2024
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