Unlock the Ultimate Gaming Experience: Tap Into Your Potential with Cheat Happens

With a universe of digital entertainment just a swipe away, PC gaming – with its numerous universes for you to get lost in – makes ours easier to explore. But like many gamer’s stories, no matter how immersive the universe, all the awesome power you can squeeze out of your keyboard and mouse can only take you so far in any given game. Occasionally, you might run up against one of those all-important final fights, or a tough puzzle that you just can’t crack, and you begin to yearn for some kind of secret to making yourself more powerful, some hidden lever you can pull to make yourself truly amazing so you can finish the game you’re playing. Well, the good news is that Cheat Happens can help. The awesome news is that the agency has a great deal for you today.


Picture a chest of gold, only not gold, but actual keys to open up every element of your PC games. That’s exactly what Cheat Happens is pitching with its premium lifetime subscription, on sale now for only $39.97 (a $99.99 value) through 17 June. Access over 27,000 trainers for more than 6,000 games at your fingertips: every PC gamer’s dream.


Cheat Happens doesn’t just recycle old codes, it innovates. Programmers are summer interns whose jobs are to think up new ways to change games, while subscribers tap into a world where constraints vanish. The custom cheats and trainers aren’t hacks; they’re a set of tools with which to calibrate your gaming experience to the level of your tastes.

Tap Daily for New Discoveries

The best part? The weapons cache of gaming aids is growing daily. Premium members never get bored – fresh trainers enter circulation to keep up with the community’s expanding needs. And if you want to get cheats for a game you’re dying to rule, simply request custom cheats. You’ll be tapping the combined genius of Cheat Happens’ programming staff.

A Communal Tap

Alongside the hacks, you can get access to forums where you can chat to likeminded aficionados. Swap tips, strategies or simply commiserate over a stumble with the game. In this way, Cheat Happens is more than just a platform for putting numbers into new places and, even in the virtual realm, forging social bonds.


It’s not just an enhanced experience when you are a premium member: it’s a bargain. Until 11:59pm PT on 17 June, you can unlock all of Cheat Happens’ functionality for less than the price of most games. For less than the cost of most new games you can cheat on every game in your library right now, and forever.

Why Gamers Keep Tapping Back

Why do you keep tapping Cheat Happens, again and again? It’s not just the cheats, it’s the quality, the quantity and the community. Strategies for the battlefield, solving strategies for puzzles and more: there is simply no service like it. And the service is a moving target — it is as persistent as your gaming pursuit, and as loyal as it is meta. The team works for you, to keep you at the highest level of your gaming abilities.


At the heart of the appeal of Cheat Happens is the idea of tap. To tap is not to click or press, but to link, to open, to gain entry. All the acts of tap imply access and imminent possibility. Each tap a changing place, or a side quest, a quickcut to gamegodhood, or a moment with friends. Each a small act opening out to complexity and pleasure.

The take-away, as the summer heat waves get us prisoners indoors, is that Cheat Happens is a virtual air-conditioned room where there are no impediments to the fantasy of playing great at a game – where you have to be your best, not settle for good enough or cheat. In other words, it’s a call to transcend one level, to explore without boundaries, and to join a community of players. With this special offer lasting only a limited time, you can get your gaming to the point that your fingertips are at the edge of the digital universe.

Jun 14, 2024
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