Riding the WAVE of Jeep Ownership: Discovering the Perks of the Jeep WAVE Program

Has your Jeep ever cruised down the road and beeped its horn at you? It might have been a wave from another Jeep owner. I know this because I used to drive an early 2000s Jeep, and it happened to me all the time. And let me tell you, there is a really strong bond between Jeep owners. It’s almost like a fraternity or sorority. Everyone wants to wave to everyone else. You shoot them your wave, and they shoot you theirs. Jeep drivers give each other a friendly wave as a sign of respect and admiration for the excitement and ruggedness of each other’s vehicles. Nowadays, Jeep has transferred this community spirit into its own official customer care scheme, called the Jeep Wave Program. But exactly what does this program do, and is it really free to all members of the Jeep family? Let’s take a closer look.

What Does the Jeep WAVE Program Offer?

But the Jeep Wave Program isn’t about a flimsy little gesture of acknowledgement between intrepid off-roaders – it’s the kind of well-seasoned blue-sky plan that has characterised and influenced the Jeep brand since its inception. Announced to coincide with Jeep’s 80th anniversary in 2021, the Jeep brand’s core new perk programme is ‘designed to enhance the ownership experience’. What kind of experience and ownership is Jeep referring to? Well– among other things– the Jeep Wave Program offers free oil change or tire rotation service every 5,000 miles or 12 months; air filters and brake-fluid service every 15,000 miles or 12 months; engine coolant and washer-fluid service every 30,000 miles or 24 months; and transmission-fluid service every 60,000 miles or 36 months, to name just a few of the programme’s many perks. For the odd occasion that your Jeep needs to be parked at the dealership for any of the above, the Jeep Wave Program offers free same-day vehicle rental for the length of your service period. Even better, should you come across a roadside obstacle or issue, every Jeep owner (with a 2017 or newer Wrangler, Cherokee, Compass, Renegade, Grand Cherokee, Gladiator, or Grand Wagoneer) is eligible for 24/7 roadside assistance for the duration of Jeep’s 5-year or 60,000-mile powertrain warranty. Signing up for the Jeep Wave Program seems like a no-brainer, and it’s so far a welcome added perk since every new vehicle purchase automatically enrols owners in the Jeep Wave Program.

Understanding the Limits of Free

Jeep's Wave Program is free for a limited time only

Unless you buy a Jeep, in which case you could get a lot of things for free – for a while. The terms seem generous. Beyond the free maintenance for two or three years (depending on the year your vehicle was made and the brand you bought it from), the incentive programme says you receive automatic enrolment ‘in the Jeep Wave® Premium benefits for three years, or other applicable length of time.’ The auto maintenance visits will never be free, but for two or three years, they’re included – for vehicles bought on or after 1 February 2021. Sounds promising. So what happens when the two or three years are up? The Wave incentive literature addresses that, at least for people who bought vehicles after 9 February 2022. They can pay $150 a year to continue to receive the Wave benefits. What about people who own classic Jeeps? Anything pre-2021? Not necessarily. The fine print notes that some classic Jeep models might not be eligible for automatic enrolment, although the same sources say that some are.

Taking Advantage of the Jeep WAVE Program

Those who own more than one Jeep, which is common among diehard fans of the brand, can enrol multiple vehicles into the programme with no limit on how many can be enrolled at once. For a household of consumer fanatics, this can net you a couple of years of maintenance stress-free for every Jeep in the garage.

Jeep Wave Program: Building Loyalty and Community

To be sure, the Jeep Wave Program also confers real perks; what makes it unique, however, is the way that it reflects Jeep’s acknowledgement of its community’s commitment as well as the emotional attachment between members of that community. After all, if you’re going to encourage people to drive your off-pavement vehicles, it helps to equip them to keep going 24/7, even when the going gets rough. The Wave programme ensures that Jeep owners can keep adventuring without restraint — and, by helping members remain connected, cultivates the kind of family spirit that allows diehard Jeep enthusiasts to gather for winter fun in a remote parking lot in New Hampshire and, together, wave at each other.

Navigating the Sign-Up Process

Want to get waves back? Signing up for the Jeep Wave Program is easy with new Jeep owners automatically enrolled. Older model Jeep and used Jeep buyers should check on their eligibility and consider the benefits of signing up – which even with a fee down the road could be the peace of mind and feeling of belonging.

Jeep Wave Program: A Summary

In essence, the Jeep Wave Program isn’t just some loyalty scheme, it’s a manifestation of Jeep from one vehicle owner to another because it provides a host of benefits designed specifically to help keep the adventure alive.

Understanding the "Wave" Behind the Program

Ultimately, the Jeep Wave Program celebrates Jeep owners in a way the brand sees as authentic to the spirit of exploration and camaraderie that has marked the off-road community for decades. The program is evolving, but it promises to continue traditionally Jeep waves – both as a driver greeting and as a philosophy of customer care and community building. The next time you’re out on the trail (or the city streets) in your Jeep, remember that the wave isn’t just a gesture: it’s the flag of a community (and one you get to be a part of).

Jun 02, 2024
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