Elevating Game Time: Unveiling the ASUS ROG Delta II Gaming Headset

Almost dumped unceremoniously into the halls of vibrant Computex is the ASUS ROG Delta II gaming headset. Making its way from the ROG Delta series, the ROG Delta II is not a facelift but an evolution of the genre. ASUS assures us it has ‘incredible audio immersion’, so let’s take a look at what it has to offer from a gamer’s perspective.

ASUS's Commitment to Next-Level Gaming Experience

Photo courtesy ASUS ASUS has long been a leader in gaming design innovation, packing cutting-edge features into chassis that have grown ever more unusual and outré. So it came as no surprise when it introduced the ROG Delta II at this year’s Computex with a big PR blitz, declaring to the world ‘This is how we’re going to make gaming audio even more awesome!’

Exceptional Audio Immersion with ASUS ROG Delta II

Its 50 mm titanium-plated diaphragm drivers, another proud feature in the ROG Delta II crown jewels, aren’t just any ordinary drivers. They will, say their makers, provide ‘abundant deep bass’, as well as ‘crisp and clear highs’ – whether you’re listening to the subtle creak and crunch of your stealth-game adversary’s footsteps, or the explosive eruption of an action-game battle. The action-game battle was my first taste of the ROG Delta II, which costs $249.99 on Asus.com.

Unmatched Connectivity: A Gamer's Dream

With the new world of gaming that is all about being connected, it’s important that the headset has a wide variety of options, and thankfully the ROJ Delta II has it all. Bluetooth? Check. 2.4 GHz ROG SpeedNova wireless technology with ultra-low latency which is the lowest latency available? Check. The traditional 3.5 mm wired connection, because I prefer it? Check too. The joy of being able to switch from your mobile phone to your PC, or your PC to your gaming console, with just the push of a button enhances the gaming experience. The ROG Delta II makes a good gaming headset for any type of gamer.

ASUS and the Quest for Non-Stop Gaming

One of the most common problems with most wireless headsets is their battery life, but the ROG Delta II’s has 110 hours of battery life (with RGB lighting off), making it the longest of any out there. It’s a simple breakthrough that solves a fundamental problem of wireless gaming.

DualFlow Audio Technology: The Game Changer

DualFlow Audio further enhances ASUS’ acclaimed audio and connectivity immersion experience. Imagine being able to play your favourite game while on a mobile call; the ROG Delta II will switch seamlessly between in-game conversations and mobile calls, so you’ll never miss a word in any virtual realm.

Design and Comfort: Tailored for Gamers

The ROG Delta II is as much about comfort as it is about performance: it weighs just 315 grams and features a 10 mm detachable USB microphone with super-wideband audio for lag-free chatting, as well as two different ear cushions from which to choose from for added comfort when long gaming sessions are on the cards.

ASUS: A Leader in Gaming Innovation

ASUS has aimed to push the limits through innovation in gaming laptops, peripherals and accessories, and have delivered the gear that gaming fans need around the world to succeed and enjoy it.

The ROG Delta II: A Glimpse into the Future

Arriving late Q3 2024, the ROG Delta II sets a new benchmark for gaming audio. It’s a triumph of creative design, showing what gaming headsets of the future could be like.

This is why ASUS continues to excel in the field of gaming technology with innovations such as the ROG Delta II. The future of gaming audio looks bright, and it’s a future led by ASUS.

And, in closing, unveiling the ASUS ROG Delta II at Computex wasn’t just a launch, it was a turning point — a monumental moment in the history of gaming audio. A moment when, once again, ASUS’s visionary thinking saw it pushing the boundaries of what was possible, with a product that can very well change gaming as you know it forever — by delivering a gaming audio experience that has no peer in the world. To the tens of millions of gamers the world over, the wait for Q3 2024 is already rife with a growing sense of anticipation for what some expect to be the most groundbreaking headset of all time.

Jun 06, 2024
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