Unlocking New Frontiers: Valorant Sets Sights on CONSOLES with Upcoming Beta

Just like most other things that are evolving at a breakneck pace, gaming has also kicked off a new initiative called the Games of the Consoles Evo. The first of the new games to grace the beta of this initiative is Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant. It’s been designed with the same precision the creator of its console counterpart Xbox and PlayStation, Respawn, had in mind when it created the shooter. The heart of this shooter is based on shuffling the weapons players have on their hands at any given time. In fact, the beta release of Valorant for consoles is a special occasion for competitive game enthusiasts, and for obvious reasons. The Games of the Consoles Evo competition has attracted enough attention that it has gained its own twitter hashtag that you can follow from now on.

Breaking Ground: Valorant's Console Beta Launch

Set to launch on 14 June, Valorant adds the console community to its ranks, with a closed beta now available on Xbox Series X/S and PS5. This announcement, coming at the Summer Game Fest, signalled a turning point for Riot Games, as the developer tries to translate the game’s PC success into a console hit. But there’s a caveat for prospective gamers, with sign-ups along with being in the US, Canada, Europe, the UK or Japan required for entry.

Maintaining Integrity: Console Adaptations and Crossplay Decisions

Translating Valorant, which has a specific ethos of PC competition behind it, to consoles has involved deliberate modifications. Riot Games has tuned the game specifically for use with controllers, but the tactical shooter has been translated largely intact. The company has also chosen to maintain a purity to the underlying competitive experience by not enabling crossplay between console players and PC players.

Unified Fronts: Inventory, Progression, and Simultaneous Updates

While it’s partitioned from its PC sibling in terms of gameplay matchmaking, the fact that Valorant on consoles sees players sharing the same inventory and progression paths helps build a sense of togetherness. Riot Games is also committed to feature parity – new content will be pushed out at the same time, and console players will have access to it all at the same time as PC players. Moving the Valorant community toward togetherness is a savvy move, but it’s also a grand show of goodwill in the face of platform fragmentation.

A Triumph in Adaptation: Ensuring Precision and Strategy on CONSOLES

The adaptation of Valorant to the console space has been a process of careful planning and execution. Valorant on console arrives with visions of grandeur. Arnar Gylfason, Riot Games’ production director, describes the plan behind the adaptation of Valorant to the console space: ‘How do we take the experience that’s very precise, very much skill-based, very much strategy-focused on PC, and translate that to console?’ As beta opens to the first players, Valorant’s success on coming to console will ultimately be up to its players themselves.

Valorant's Legacy: Precision and Strategy in the Free-to-play Arena

Valorant’s unique position in the FPS genre hinged on a commitment to encouraging strategic depth and tactical precision above and beyond simply spraying bullets. Its focus on gun skill over just gunplay has helped amass a huge playerbase in a competitive landscape, and Valorant has a loftier status within esports as a result. Now that the game is coming to consoles, a new chapter begins – perhaps even reshaping the free-to-play shooter narrative over on console.

Stay Informed: Your Gateway to the Latest from Summer Game Fest 2024

With the Valorant console beta and the rest of the 2024 gaming year on the horizon, the Summer Game Fest has lots more chapters for us to unpack. Stay tuned for further reporting and analysis of Valorant and other gaming trends as the year rolls on.

Understanding Consoles: The Valorant Experience Reimagined

Bringing Valorant to consoles is a reminder of the platform that Valorant calls home: the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. Known for their advanced processing horsepower and their ability to provide visceral, responsive gaming experiences, these consoles are Valorant’s new home for tactical gunfights and terrifying spike shots. Precisely considering consoles’ strengths, Riot has designed Valorant for console players by creating a console-specific UI and control scheme. In doing so, it’s just as it was on PC – arena-style competitive first-person shooter where death, regardless of format and platform, is a quick, decisive inevitability. By bringing Valorant to consoles, Riot is positioning Valorant as a unique tactical shooter for PlayStation and Xbox players. Valorant’s jump to consoles is both a key moment in the game’s life cycle, and a sign of where competitive e-sports is headed. With an eye on the specifics of the platform and a principled dedication to core gameplay, Valorant on the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 is set to forge the next chapter in its story. With the limited beta now available and global access on the horizon, console Valorant is the next step to a universal e-sports experience.

Jun 08, 2024
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