Pedalling Towards Prosperity: The VanMoof Renaissance at TNW Conference 2024

In the startup world, building a unicorn startup pretty much guarantees that there’ll be a lot of twists and turns in the road and, most likely, a couple of giant hills you’ll have to climb to get where you’re going. For the Dutch ebike startup VanMoof, the story of urban mobility’s future, that climb inevitably took them to bankruptcy and left riders of its iconic e-bikes feeling stranded. But that marks just the beginning of the rollercoaster ride, with VanMoof preparing for a make-or-break appearance at the TNW Conference 2024. Whatever you’re aiming to do in your business, the upcoming edition of Europe’s preeminent business conference on tech, science and digital culture will give you the lay of the land.

A Fresh Start: VanMoof's New Chapter

With its new co-CEOs at the helm, VanMoof is not just getting back on a bike – it is reinventing it altogether. Their keynote at TNW Conference in Amsterdam in May is not a pitch, but a story of resilience, innovation and a fight for a greener, more connected urban future.

Riding Through Storms: Overcoming Adversity

VanMoof’s is a tale of triumph, a story about how a setback as deep as the virtual grave can be escaped with grit and determination. Bankrupt? Almost. But, said VanMoof, this was the moment to pedal even harder. And with its new leadership, the brand is looking forward to sharing with others all the lessons it has learned about how to come back from the edge by innovating, and through having a clear strategy — two of the key themes of this year’s TNW Conference in Amsterdam.

STRATEGIES FOR REVIVAL: Insights from Speakers

The speakers will be ‘thought leaders’ from innovative businesses in sectors such as tech, AI and sustainability. VanMoof, in learning from them, will be able to bring its recovering startup back online. Those attending can expect to learn not only about VanMoof, but about best practices for helping a brand recover from a crisis.

The Road Ahead: Sustainability and Innovation

This comeback isn’t just a financial one. It’s a ‘stand up for what you believe in’, a statement on the future that VanMoof sees for us. The ebike space at the moment is at the nexus of hardware, urban mobility and sustainability. With their very presence at the TNW Conference, VanMoof is showing their belief that urban congestion doesn’t have to be a part of the future.

Exploring New Opportunities in the Ebike Sector

The ebike market is booming and, coupled with technological innovation, an increasing public consciousness about the environmental consequences of human action and behaviour, VanMoof’s attendance at TNW Conference is a sign that the ebike market will become a key segment of urban transportation. By leading the way through innovation, VanMoof will help turn the urban experience into a seemingly effortless cruising experience.


Speakers run the gamut at the TNW Conference, from tech innovators to researchers, from activists to visionaries – and that’s one of the biggest draws for VanMoof. Those people who come to the conference might have a completely different history and background – but hearing them talk can still inspire a young startup like VanMoof to use new technologies or tap into global trends.

Navigating the Future: Lessons for Startups

There was no desperation but the message is there – one person’s despair can be another’s hope The TNW Conference 2024 takes place in Amsterdam. Founded in 2007, TNW is a media company focused on tech news and events, with a presence in the US, Europe and Asia. Its content is available in English, Dutch and German. 11069411 11069412 Adapted from ‘When Desperation Becomes Hope: the Ups and Downs of a Startup’s Journey’ by Arjan Groenenboom. 11069413 11069414 11069415 VanMoof’s story is a lesson to others: an opportunity to envisage their future.

Embracing Change: A New Vision for Mobility

Slotting into this narrative, the rebirth of VanMoof becomes less of a comeback and more of a reinvention of the very idea of mobility – in our cities, and on our streets. At the TNW Conference, we will discuss how ebikes and related tech innovations can reshape the city, helping us wean ourselves off our carbon-spewing, gridlocked dependence on cars.


With an impressive line-up of speakers, the TNW Conference 2024 is set to become a place where we can discuss and shape the future of urban mobility, the role and responsibility of startups, and support the green transition towards a sustainable future.

Understanding the Significance of Speakers at the Conference

After all, that’s really what the TNW Conference 2024 is all about – an exchange of ideas, a sharing of strategies and visions for the future. So the speakers at the TNW Conference are no mere decorations. They are essential to the event. They don’t just inspire – they provide hard-won knowledge that companies such as VanMoof can use on their journey towards a brighter, greener future.

VanMoof’s presence at the conference, echoed in the speaker’s comments, underlines the importance of collaboration, innovation and vision in solving business problems. VanMoof is setting out on a new path, and TNW provides a vital link to the thought leaders and experts who will provide new knowledge and a platform to share their vision for a greener, more connected urban future.

From start to finish, the story of VanMoof, the Nike of next-level urban mobility, is a testament of what it takes for startups to get back on track, especially in one of the most rapidly evolving and important industries there is. This tale will continue to unfold at the TNW Conference 2024 – a source of inspiration and guidelines for every startup in the world on how to weather the storm and get back to building for a better, more sustainable tomorrow.

Jun 15, 2024
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