Soundscaping Tomorrow: Verizon's AI Symphony in a Digital Frontier

At a moment when clever companies are developing generative AI tools more quickly than the speed of sound, Verizon is composing an AI future in which it sings the notes of stewardship, thus asserting its own legacy. Drowned out in the ‘Wild West’ of AI auditing is Verizon’s effort to tune its operations so that it sings to a key that invests in rigorous oversight, ethical use, and more intelligent and engaging applications, speakers and apps.

The Prelude: Verizon's Concerto in AI Major

Moving further afield to the orchestra, Michael Raj, an AI maestro at Verizon, has highlighted the company’s experiments to bring generative AI applications into use at Verizon in delivering services to more than 100 million subscribers. With a growing portfolio of Responsible AI ensembles and an increased audition regimen for AI models, Verizon is committed to making sure that the notes produced in its digital symphony are as secure and ethically performed as possible.

Crafting a Masterpiece: AI Auditing in the Digital Age

These wide-ranging perspectives were trotted out at the VentureBeat AI Impact event in New York City this March. During the event, panels addressed what speakers such as Raj described as a Wild West situation with regard to the current intractable and unstable realities of auditing generative AI – an altogether dark and murky confluence of complex and unpredictable systems, for which, as Raj argued, companies should ‘refine AI governance’.

Verizon's Choir of SUPPORT AGENTS Empowered by AI

As part of the customer-service orchestra, Verizon’s AI-powered speakers and conversational assistants are like the tenors of percussion: hitting the top notes by reducing the burden on front-line workers by responding to common questions from customers itself. With those simple issues dealt with, human agents have more time to focus on more sensitive and complicated requirements. The orchestra has a balance of efficiency and compassion.

The Ensemble: One Point of Contact for AI Safety

Flying the banner of the chief data officer and chief privacy officer, a Responsible AI and Data organisation pulls the strings of a centralised AI governance effort to ensure all AI applications (both speakers and any other AI applications we might want to deploy) will adhere to these standards, putting Verizon’s future in a world with AI and tech at harmony.

The Symphony of AI Governance: A New Era

The story picks up steam as corporations such as Verizon begin to build out the infrastructure of what they call AI Governance divisions, echoing the call for centralised oversight. This is part of an emerging trend. Even in the months before ChatGPT, we’d already seen corporations create new dedicated teams to address the ethical and technical issues of generative AI and its applications, including applications like speakers.

Encore: The Continuous Evolution of Generative AI and SPEAKERS

Groups of speakers will play an increasingly important role as the generative AI digital symphony evolves, not only to improve customer experiences and support corporate governance, but also help customers flow information in regards to their interactions with a firm. Speakers used in corporate orchestras will aid in making sure these interactions are comfortable and respectful.

Understanding SPEAKERS in the AI Ensemble

By speakers, Verizon means the physical instruments of human-led communications, knowledge-sharing and customer service triage. Not humans themselves, but through the power of what generative AI is now poised to create – a system that seamlessly transcribes natural-language questions put to an AI emissary into actionable guidance for a customer. This is why speakers matter so much to Verizon’s dawning AI roadmap. They are a digital bridge to new ways of helping humans engage more explicitly with one another. And they also represent how companies might use a basic component of the Turing test to internalise greater responsibility for the creative use of technology.

The use of AI through speakers throughout Verizon’s operations reveals a glimpse of the shifting future: where the listening is as important as the saying, where artificial intelligence becomes a symphony of digital engagement that is silent in its execution but human in its essence.

With an eye to an accelerating digitisation of everyday life, Verizon’s approach to the future – in which technology and ethics are one tune, leading to a convergence of digital notes that all sound good – is proactive and forward-looking, creating a safe place for technology to be harnessed responsibly, securely and with a focus on nurturing customer innovation. In a sense, the Wild West of AI auditing is finally over, and Verizon is here to give an AI ethics overture that will stand the test of time.

Jun 13, 2024
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