The Ultimate Showdown: Deontay Wilder vs Zhilei Zhang Live Stream Guide

Prepare for Impact: Wilder vs Zhang Throws Down

The heavyweight division in boxing is one of the most storied in all of athletics. This weekend, two übermenschen of the ring will hunt-and-peck for each other’s absolute destruction. Both men need to emerge as victors to claim back what they’ve lost at the crucible of the ring, neither for wants to risk being remembered as losers. Deontay Wilder has already suffered a few black eyes before the worldwide media spotlight. He’s a former world champion looking to reclaim his former glory. His opponent, Zhilei Zhang, is every bit as fierce and fixated on receiving glory. International sports are a great leveller of privilege. Both Zhang and Wilder represent their homelands with pride and resolve.

The Stage Is Set: CONNECT to the Thrills on DAZN

At the centre of this weekend’s boxing extravaganza is the 5v5 PPV main event: Deontay Wilder vs Zhilei Zhang. Boxing fans can watch the event live on DAZN, a broadcaster that offers stream access to the event. For people interested in tuning in to see these two giants of the sport square up with each other, DAZN has made it simple to connect. DAZN has announced a straightforward path to purchasing the event for viewers, available for the price of a PPV at $70, plus the reward of a free month on the platform to never again miss a punch.

Worldwide Access: CONNECT Anywhere with VPN

With the world of boxing fans spread all over the globe, it is important to make sure everyone gets to see the live stream with no restrictions on regions. If you are a fan of boxing but are wondering whether DAZN is available in your region, the best way is to use a VPN as it will get you around any geographic restrictions. There are some great options out there that actually work, including Nord VPNwhich is on sale right now and will help international viewers to get connected with ease.

Editors' Top Picks: Not to Be Missed

Sure, it’s the big event of the weekend. But sport is never far away and there are a host of games to stream online this weekend: international soccer with Pachuca vs Columbus and the Dortmund vs Real Madrid in the dreaded Champions League Final; clutch playoff basketball in the NBA; football’s English Champions League finale is soccer for the sports fan today.

Beyond the Ring: CONNECT to a World of Boxing on DAZN

Sign up and you don’t just get Wilder vs Zhang, you get boxing all the time, every weekend, nearly every week of the year. Whether you go monthly or for a year, paying almost the same price, the sweet science is yours to click and connect with for the best boxing of the present and the future.

Connect and Conquer: Navigating the Digital Spectrum of Sports Streaming

More than ever, connecting to the sporting events of our choice has never been easier, to the point where it’s become our regular, week-night ritual. Thanks to apps such as DAZN, fans of sports from the world over can enjoy their favourite qualifiers, tournaments and play-offs on their own terms, in unlimited, dedicated, on-demand viewing experiences. It seems nothing – not even the remotest clutch of islands in the middle of nowhere – is beyond our reach anymore; and with the help of a VPN, even the most out-of-bounds sports events become accessible, which means that the only thing keeping you from being the person who witnessed the game-changing, history-making moment is a stable internet connection.


Connect is not merely a verb or noun the way it is today. Once its meaning is widened to include work arounds like live streaming services such as DAZN, or even sports-fandom-enabling VPNs, and ultimately put into the context of the global community of sports fans, you have given connect the specific meaning it has today. It is no longer merely a connection to sports but how that connection is made possible. Today, connect allows sports fans to be able to enjoy an event in China, or anywhere else around the world, the same way that fans in the UK or the US – with some exceptions – could back in the day. Connect represents the harmonious marriage between technology and our existing passion for sports. It helps ensure that physical distance, time zones and geographic location are no longer barriers for entry into the larger sporting narrative. As more events such as Wilder v Zhang become available, it is how sports fans can connect that makes these days, let alone these events, more than just a broadcast. No matter where you live, every match, every game, every round is one step further in pulling the world of sports closer together.

Jun 02, 2024
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