Harnessing the Power: XIGMATEK's Groundbreaking Coolers and PSUs Unveiled at Computex 2024

With the rise and fall of every tech company in the whirlwind of innovation that is Computex 2024, XIGMATEK is back with yet another announcement that promises to surprise and delight. The well-known tech brand brings innovative CPU coolers and power supplies (PSUs) to the show, featuring full-modular PSUs and AIO liquid CPU coolers that fit your aesthetic and improve your overall performance. Let’s take a deeper dive into the specifics of these announcements and how they hope to connect with the modern tech user.


Connectivity Meets Efficiency

The Loki M L750 and Loki M L850 are two mainstream full-modular PSUs boasting more than just power. They feature a 12V-2x6 connector in conformity with the ATX 3.1 and PCIe Gen 5.1 standards, providing rock-solid power connections to the latest high-performance components. A single +12 V rail, DC-to-DC switching, and active PFC offer 80 Plus Bronze efficiency. This means users are connected to the uninterrupted power source of tomorrow.

Designed to Connect Quietly

XIGMATEK takes cooling very seriously indeed – not least because power supplies provide significant heat loads – and it includes three sets of 120 mm fans (two for each auxiliary supply, and one for the main supply) designed to operate in a whisper. These are little details, but they speak volumes about a brand that aims to connect users not just with power but with a quiet, immersive computing experience.

A NEW HORIZON IN COOLING: Frozr Connect Arctic Series

Connecting Performance with Aesthetics

XIGMATEK wasn’t done with PSUs either, introducing a trio of AIO liquid CPU coolers: the Frozr-O III and the Frozr Connect Arctic series, with models ranging up to 360 mm x 120 mm in size. Not just boasting a connection to your CPU, but a personal style all of its own, these water-cooling offerings feature addressable RGB LEDs on their fans and pump-block, both in white and black, so your rig can look as fresh as it can run.

Premium Features for Ultimate Connectivity

For the user who still craves more – from performance, or aesthetics – XIGMATEK engineered a premium module of the Frozr line, offering an even softer lighting diffuser on the pump itself, ‘combs’ for the tubing that help to keep your cables in check, higher-static-pressure fans that improve their cooling ability, and a thicker radiator that is even more effective at dissipating heat. This way, XIGMATEK has still connected directly to your desire for more-better-faster-wow.


Beyond the Products: A Connection with the Future

XIGMATEK’s Computex 2024 debut is more than just the introduction of new hardware. It’s a bridge that connects the changing expectations of customers and the evolving worlds of technology. As we ramp up to a more electrified, faster and more integrated future, embracing specifications such as the ATX 3.1 and PCIe Gen 5.1 standards, while connecting the dots between performance, efficiency and aesthetics, all contribute to bringing users closer to the future of computing – a world where technology isn’t just about what it does, but how it moulds around the way we live.

Embracing the Infinite Possibilities

XIGMATEK products presented at Computex 2024 demonstrate that it does not stand still, but leads the technological change. New PSUs and CPU coolers developed by XIGMATEK and linked at the level of performance and appearance are poised to become a new benchmark for the expectations of the users from their computing hardware.

CONCLUSION: Connecting with XIGMATEK's Vision

The unveiling of products at CES shows a path forward for technology that is not just about speed, but connectivity, efficiency and integration into people’s personal lives – evolving into products that connect, perform and transform the personal computing experience. This is something geeks can get excited about.

Exploring the Essence of Connect

At the heart of this idea of connect is the literal one. Connect speaks of the physical connection that hardware components make, connect to the aesthetic connect’s users maintain with their devices, and to the more profound connect that technology makes to lifestyle. The products that XIGMATEK showcased at Computex 2024 didn’t just enable a technological connect, but an emotional and experiential one, too. Connecting to the future, made possible by XIGMATEK’s innovative products, equates to technology becoming an integral part of every facet of life, from our performance to how we personally express ourselves.

Jun 09, 2024
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