Apple AirTags, Track and Find your most Important Possessions

Apple just announced their new AirTag product, which makes it easy to find your possessions — whether you simply misplaced them under your couch, or someone took them. Add the device to your keys, wallet, backpack, or other important possessions, then easily locate the item on your Find My app anytime you need to. If you’re interested in buying one (or one for every valuable you own) orders start this Friday, April 23 at 5 AM PST, and they’ll be available starting on April 30.

What is an AirTag?

The new AirTag from Apple is a tracking device you can add to any of your possessions. It’s the size of a coin, and only a little thicker. You can add it to a pocket by itself or use Apple’s keyrings and loops to attach it to straps on your items. 

The AirTag is made of stainless steel. It has an IP67 rating, which means that it’s splash, dust, and water-resistant. That’s pretty helpful if you’re attaching it to items you take with you everywhere, such as your wallet and keys! 

The AirTag battery was created to last a year or more. Your iPhone will also let you know when you need to replace the battery. The device has a removable cover so you can access and change out the battery with relative ease. 

The new device was designed with safety and privacy in mind. Devices on iOS can detect when an AirTag isn’t with its owner and will send a notification to their devices. Also, an AirTag that isn’t near its owner will play a sound when moved. 

Additionally, you can customize the new device with personalized engraving, including initials and emojis. The keyrings and loops sold by Apple offer another way to customize your device with a range of colors. There’s even an Hermès collaboration offering luxe leather tags. 

How does an AirTag work?

The device sends out a Bluetooth signal that nearby devices in the Find My network can detect. They then communicate automatically with the iCloud, and send the location where they received the signal to your Find My app. Because so many people own iPhones, the Find My network is massive. This means the likelihood of your device being able to get a signal received on the network is very high. The process is secure and keeps your location private while allowing you to see where your AirTag is located. 

How to track down your items with an AirTag

Follow these steps to use the new AirTag devices:

  1. Purchase your AirTag, along with key rings or loops if you want to use them.
  2. Once you have your new AirTag, pair it with your iPhone or iPad. Simply bring the two devices close together, and connect with one tap, then assign a name to the AirTag. For example, you might name it “Wallet” or “Keys” so you know which item is which. 
  3. Then, if you lose a device, you can find your item in a few different ways:
  4. If it’s nearby, navigate to the Items tab in Find My app, and ask the device to play a sound. Then simply follow the sound to find your item! 
    • You can also ask Siri to find your item, and the AirTag will play a sound if it is nearby.
    • If your item is lost and out of Bluetooth range, set the AirTag to Lost Mode. Give it a little time to show up, then you should be able to see the item’s location in your Find My app.
    • Once you’re close to the AirTag, you can also use Precision Finding to locate it. This feature is available only on iPhone 11 and 12, and allows you to see the distance and direction you should head to find your lost item. 

Never stress about losing your valuables again! If you want to buy an AirTag for your important possessions, they start at $29. You can also bundle and purchase a four-pack for $99. Keyrings in leather or polyurethane will run you an additional $29 to $39 (or $299 to 449 for the Hermès options!).

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