How Recycling Can Improve Your Health

Recycling Means Cleaner Air & Less Harmful Waste

Even though landfills are meant to hold garbage, they can also cause major issues when it comes to our health. The quality of air you breathe and the soil your food comes from depend on having a clean environment. By adding waste such as electronics to the mix can be harmful to those living around such an environment. Because of landfills, we are seeing an increase of health issues globally.


Landfills Can Be Harmful to Our Health

When garbage is disposed of, it sits in huge landfills. After a while, it begins to decompose and release greenhouse gasses and very harmful chemicals. Chemicals like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane are all produced and contributes to air pollution (which causes respiratory illnesses).

Other forms of health problems because of these chemicals and gasses include birth defects and low birth weight. There have even been reports of certain cancers developing due to living near waste sites. These include the liver, larynx, kidney and pancreas. Symptoms of sleepiness, fatigue and headaches are often reported as well.

Health Benefits from Recycling

When we all do are part to recycle materials such as plastics, aluminum and electronics properly, we help reduce the risk of birth defects and respiratory diseases (especially to those people who live around such environments). This would also increase cleaner air and cleaner water to drink.

Other Benefits From Reducing Waste

It takes a lot of energy and material to create a new product. Recycled materials save energy because creating new products from raw materials uses a lot more energy than using recycled materials.

According to the EPA, recycling also has major benefits including conserving natural resources (think timber, water and minerals), it prevents pollution by reducing the need for more new raw materials and can even save energy. In a 2016 study, the Environmental Protection Agency found that there are even economic benefits in recycling. In that year alone, 681,000 jobs were created in that industry.

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