Declutter Your Home the Eco-Friendly Way

Electronic waste contains many heavy metals, such as bromine, lead, lithium and mercury, which pollute the environment and harm health when disposed without proper waste treatment. 

According to the initiative “Solving the Problem of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment”, led by the United Nations, it is estimated that between 2017 to 2022, the electronic waste would increase by about 33% each year, until reaching 65M tons. That is equivalent to 11 times the weight of the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

The rapid technological development offers several opportunities and advantages that contribute to a better life. However, its downside is that our boundless desire for the latest technology has created a mountain of electronic waste that continues to grow. The situation further exacerbates with the worldwide popularization of affordable high-end devices as the penetration rate of mobile phones stands at 96%.

The world only recycles about 20% of all the 50M tons of electronic waste. The rest is left off for landfills or exported to the developing countries. That’s because recycling is costly, and it’s much cheaper to just get the developing world deal with it. This may seem like a solution, but it further adds to the problem. This waste is informally recycled by the developing countries which poses an undisputed risk to the environment and human health.

As a responsible consumer, it’s our duty to make sure that our used computers, televisions or cell phones don’t end up in the household waste. One way to do it is to sell your old smartphones to recycling companies. Here are different ways you can declutter your home the eco-friendly and sustainable way.

Recycle Valuable Materials

Are you planning to replace your laptop, smartphone, or tablet with a new one? Don’t throw them away! Put them in the recycling bin instead of your household waste for the environment’s sake. Electronic devices contain valuable resources such as gold and rare metals. Older models in particular also contain toxic substances such as lead, mercury and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Consumers are obliged to dispose of electrical equipment correctly. Basically, every device that has an electronic component is an electrical device – including flashing sneakers and bathroom cabinets with lamps. Throwing them in the household rubbish or even dumping them into nature is a criminal offense. 

Hand in Old Devices to the Recycling Center

There are resourceful tinkerers who repair devices, prepare them for further use or still use it as a raw material source. In accordance with the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, you can also hand in your old devices free of charge at municipal waste collection points. This allows recyclable materials such as metals and plastics from electronic scrap to be recycled and any pollutants to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Another great way to get rid of your electronics is Gizmogo. What’s better than getting money for something you were going to dispose of anyway? Gizmogo is the leading trade-in platform in the US, dedicated to recycling and reusing old or broken smartphonestablets, and laptops. Yes! You can sell your old iPhone for a great price and grab a new one at Gizmogo!

Hand in Smartphones to Dealers and Manufacturers

Manufacturers are also taking back devices. Dealers in your nearby area are obliged to take back your old device free of charge when buying a new one. This also applies to online providers. Some of the smartphones and other derelict electronic devices can be handed in there without buying a new one. However, they have many specifications that you need to meet if you’re considering that option.

Sell your old iPhone To Cellphone Collection Points 

Some environmental organizations have set up collection points for old cell phones. There you can hand in your old cell phone and at the same time make a contribution to nature and environmental protection. These initiatives are based on collaboration between environmental organizations and mobile phone operators. If you live far away from collection points, you can even dispose of your disused mobile phone by mail.


How about giving away your older phone to someone who actually needs it? Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, but we still have people who cannot afford a smartphone. If you know someone who still uses one of those old cellphones with a keypad, donating a smartphone to them can help them connect with the digital world. 

Gizmogo – A Responsible Company

Many companies now understand that it is necessary to go a little further and show commitment to caring for and respecting our environment. Gizmogo is one such company that aims to reduce the environmental footprint with specific and measurable consumption reduction goals. 


In the future, consumers should find it easier to dispose of old electronics. However, we currently don’t have an infrastructure that offers us a lot of options to be a responsible consumer. Gizmogo is a one-of-a-kind trade-in platform that makes it extremely convenient for users to dispose their old cellphones and electronics. You simply get a quote, send it in by mail and get paid. Living responsibly has just gotten a little easier now using Gizmogo