Xbox-x-vs-ps5-games- fps-beef

Xbox x vs. ps5 games fps beef

The consoles lovers now finally have the chance to look at the games that they will be playing in the future. There are several games on display by both Sony and Microsoft. Gamers have a very keen eye when looking at the gameplay comparisons, especially when the game is releasing on both the consoles.The comparison in gameplay is a good way to determine the better console while purchasing. However, the die-hard fans of consoles are quick to blame everyone other than the console for the bad performance.The hostile nature of Play Station lovers was displayed before when they wanted to boycott Devil May Cry 4 because it shed its Play Station exclusivity. Dynamic Voltage Games was the latest victim of the Sony trolls.

The xbox x vs. ps5 games fps difference

Orphans of the Machine is the creation of Dynamic Voltage Games. Recently, the company was attacked on twitter by Sony trolls for making a 120 fps version of Orphans of the Machine for xbox box series x only. PS5 cannot achieve 120 fps on this game. However, a developer decided to defend the company’s name by tweeting.The tweet highlighted the difference between x box x and ps5 fanboys by comparing the response or lack thereof when dynamic voltage Games announced that their X Box Exclusives were going multiplatform. Whereas, when the company announced that only X Box series X would have 120 fps for a game, the Play Station fanboys trolled the post.The company also clarified that this configuration is not their fault, saying that the trolls beef is with Sony.

The reasoning behind the difference

It has raised some questions on the consoles’ specifications and why this fps difference in xbox x vs ps5 game. The developer at dynamic voltage did reply to a similar query, stating that Microsoft cares more about the 120 fps than Sony. Also, saying that it is possible to create a ps5 120fps version for if they lower the resolution.It is not the most direct answer that one can get. However, that is unlikely to happen, especially right now, because there is some secrecy related to both the consoles. For now, it appears that developers will find it easier to develop 120 fps games for xbox series x as compared to PS5 . We have to wait and see the responses of other developers and their assessments of fps on both the consoles. It is also possible that the other developers did not face a similar issue.


Players have been waiting for xbox x vs. ps5 game performances. Now that gameplays and trailers are coming out one at a time, it is only fair to assume that this battle will only pick more heat with time. We still have a long way to go before deciding the winner and making all the right decisions. However, from its looks, X Box does have an early lead on Play Station 5.#Sell_used_devices