A deep dive into the speculations revolving around xbox x vs ps5 price

The previous time that Sony and Microsoft went at each other in the consoles war was November of 2013. The exciting fight was won by Sony as Play Station 4 provided better specifications while being cheaper than X Box One. That bout was enough to indicate the importance of pricing in the battle of consoles.

What we know about xbox x vs. ps5 price

Both companies are beginning to launch their next-generation consoles to buy, namely x box x and ps5. Both the companies have a decent idea about the importance of reasonable pricing, or somewhat better pricing than the other. Hence, both companies are yet to disclose the price of the consoles.

In 2013, Sony waited for Microsoft to announce its new console price and made its price known to the public only a few hours later. Hence, it is easy to assume that both Microsoft and Sony are waiting for the other company to announce the price before them.

Some speculations on xbox x vs ps5 price

As of now, the speculations or leaks with some credibility have said that both the consoles will cost around $500. However, with Microsoft in a much better financial condition, they may lessen the console’s cost to win the battle of more consoles’ sales.

Another speculation related to the cost is that Sony will have to charge $500 for the console and that Microsoft might sell some million consoles for $400 to win against Play Station 5.

You may consider the price point of the console high, but these consoles will have the power of computers well above $700-$800. The next-gen consoles have specs that will turn every head in awe. The storage space, expensive processors, graphic cards, and other features on the console has given developers free rein to create next-gen games that look beautiful.

Covering the cost

The console cost is not the only thing that you will be paying once you buy the console. The controllers of the console will come at a price. Moreover, the subscription service will have a cost of its own. There is a monthly subscription fee, so the more consoles sold by the company, the better revenue in the future.

Moreover, both the companies are invested in creating a comprehensive gaming experience that will have a long shelf life. It means that both the companies are making better games that will release with the console or shortly afterward. The cost of the games will also help make the new consoles a profitable venture.


Several aspects contribute to the xbox x vs ps5 price war.

The loss of employment and the negative projected economic growth rate will have an impact on the overall sales of both the consoles. These two factors will also affect the price of the consoles.

However, both Sony and Microsoft want to win the pricing war, but given the last debacle that happened with Microsoft, it is easy to assume that they will be much more cautious.