Battle of xbox x vs ps5 price, which one will be cheaper

Battle of xbox x vs ps5 price, which one will be cheaper?


Sony and Microsoft have started their battle of consoles again with Play Station 5 and X Box series X. It is the fantastic journeys of both the companies that have earned them some very loyal customers and a renowned position in the gaming world.Sony and Microsoft have the ever-existing rivalry that started with the release of the first X Box. As there is an increase in competition in the market, consumers always win as the companies are more likely to lower their prices to appear the more viable option to the clients.

The current xbox x vs ps5 price war and release date speculations

The release date and cost of the consoles will significantly impact the overall sales of both X Box Series X and Play Station 5.

Release date speculations

To clarify, both Sony and Microsoft have not yet released the price of the next-generation consoles. We know through announcements by both the companies that the consoles will launch somewhere in the holiday season of 2020.There are also speculations that X Box Series X and Play Station 5 will release somewhere in Mid November. This release date is consistent with their previous launch dates, making the information believable, but not confirmed.

X Box Series X and the PS5 Price war

The cost of PS5 is estimated to be $499 at the time of release, according to the Ace Research Institute report (via Twinfinite) and leaker IronManPS5, who has the previous credibility. There is the talk of digital edition that will not have the Bluray drive. The lack of Bluray drive can bring the cost down to $399 for the digital version.The initial cost of the console can have a significant impact on overall sales. In the previous episode of the console wars, when Microsoft announced their $500 in 2013, Sony broadcasted the price tag of $400 only a few hours later. It was one of the deciding factors in making Play Station win that battle.However, many experts in the field expect Microsoft to pull the same move, with the initial cost difference of $100 at the time of release. It means that Microsoft is waiting for Sony to announce the price and undercut that price by $100 to get initial momentum when the product hits the market.

What is X Box Series X recovering the cost plan?

The hardware used in both X Box Series X and Play Station 5 does not come cheap. However, with stock prices, market cap, and people’s overall willingness to look for online experiences in the lockdown, it is easy to assume that Microsoft is willing to take losses in the initial sale of units.They can cover up the cost by providing services and game sales that are likely to hit the roof this holiday season.


The xbox x vs ps5 price war results are based on some speculations, leaks, and individuals’ expertise. However, the result will only come once all the events have transpired, and we have the price sheet in our hands. So, for now, there seems to be a tie between the two consoles prices.