xbox x vs ps5

xbox x vs ps5: The major differences you need to know about

It is common for game lovers to look for a comparison between xbox x vs ps5. The comparison helps people make the decision of buying the console of their choice. After almost 7 years of Xbox One and PS4, (the last time the two consoles went on a head-on fight), 2020 is the year when they are releasing their new consoles. Therefore, xbox x vs ps5 is the topic of game lovers.As there is still time for the release of both the consoles, there are several holes in the information that gamer community has at present. There are some confirmed information straight from PS5 and Xbox x executives, while some rumors are also floating around the internet, yet to be confirmed.

The console designs: xbox x vs ps5

Both Xbox x and ps5 are stark opposite of each other in terms of design. However, not one of them was invited sans mockery. PS5 has provided a slender and curvy design that is predominately white. On the other hand, X box Series X has a boxy black tower appearance.The PS5 provides a futuristic look that looks beautiful. Xbox x is essentially a box with a very standard design.

Xbox x vs ps5 Controllers:

Much like the consoles, the colors of the controllers are also black and white for xbox x and ps5 respectively. Controllers of the two consoles do have unique designs from each other but they are quite similar to their predecessors, which makes them easily recognizable.

The major differences in the specs of xbox vs ps5

  1. They both do have some exclusive games that you can only play on one console. However, for the most part, gamers will be able to play most of the games in both the consoles
  2.  Where ps5 only has 825 GB solid-state drive, xbox x has 1 TB drive. Obviously, it is your choice to keep the games on the drive for as long as you want. The storage difference might sway some gamers to choose Xbox x.
  3. The GPU power for xbox x is 12 teraflops, whereas the GPU for PS5 is 10.28 teraflops. The true potential of the graphic processing unit also depends on the game. So, we will have to wait to see which games give us the complete benefit of 12 teraflops.
  4. CPU for xbox series x is slightly better than PS5. 3.8 GHz 8-core processor of xbox series x does beat the 3.5 GHz 8-core processor of PS5.
  5. There is a digital-only version of the console of PS5 as per the game event from Sony. Till now, Microsoft has not made any such announcement.


For most part, we either are not aware of the specifications, or they are same for both the consoles. With prices still being discussed, the true winner will only emerge once both the consoles battle it out in the market after the release. However, with Coronavirus hit on the economy, there is a good chance that both the consoles will not see as much revenue as their predecessors, or there might be a delay in the release. These are a few things that only time will tell.