Ps5 vs xbox x specs: The deciding factor

Sony and Microsoft are at it again with the new consoles Play Station 5 and X Box Series X. Both companies have made some announcements regarding the consoles, though there are aspects that are yet to be revealed.

Specifications of the consoles have a huge role in helping gamers decide which options to buy. Hence, players are eagerly waiting for all the specifications to come out, including the price to make the right decision.

However, ps5 vs xbox x specs that have been revealed tell us a lot about the two consoles. As both the companies have announced the significant features of the consoles, there is one specification pointing towards a clear winner. However, not many people are talking about it. So, here is why I think that PS5 is going to superior to X Box Series X.

The storage space processing ability

The storage space of Play Station 5 includes 825 GB NVME SSD that will run at 5.5 GB per second for raw data and 8-9 GB/s for compressed data. The PS5 memory utilizes the PCIe2 Express Gen 4 SSDs. To help the memory work fast, PS5 has 12 channels that operate on the custom flash controller.

The storage space of X Box Series X has 1 TB NVME SSD that will transfer 2.4 GB of raw data per second and 4.8 GB of compressed data per second. X Box buyers can also buy an additional proprietary SSD drive of 1TB. The external drive will run on three channels. The price of the other drive is yet to be announced.

What do these specifications mean?

The SSD configuration that Play Station uses does not come cheap. However, the price point is justified due to the high speed provided by the drives. This graphic architecture aims to remove the bottleneck situation that memory faces while reaching the data center where processing takes place.

How do the specifications help PS5?

We have all seen the videos where you open one game on the console, pause, switch to another game that gets loaded in seconds, and start playing the next game. With the PS5 storage specs that have been declared, there is a good chance that switching between games will take even less time. Also, loading time for the games should drop because the PS5 console is engineered for this job.

A comparison with the computers in the market

There are rumors that both the consoles will cost around $500 at the time of release. If the real performance matches the specifications, and there are no issues, these consoles will fare better in competition with much more expensive computers.


The speed at which the storage devices work has a huge role to play in the gaming experience. From the perspective of graphic architecture, the ps5 vs xbox x specs fight is dominated by Play Station 5. However, the truth will only come out once we see the gameplay from both the consoles from our own eyes.